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What You Need To Know About Windows Live Messenger


Communicating over the internet is a daily requirement. We all need to connect with people all over the world. We have friends all over the world. We have several ways of staying in touch with people over the internet. Emails, networking websites etc., but the most convenient way of staying in touch with people are the messengers. There are several messengers, such as Yahoo, Windows Messenger Live, Google Talk etc. Even websites such as Facebook have started messengers.This is amongst the fastest way of connecting to people.


Windows Messenger Live was known as MSN messenger previously. This messenger service was created by Microsoft, to work well with the Windows series, such as XP, Windows 7, Vista etc.


Windows Messenger Live offers various services other than just the exchange of text messages. In fact, there are features, such as being able to send offline messages to contacts on your list, even when they are not online. They can receive these messages when they sign in. The best part is that, Windows Messenger Live gives you the opportunity to appear to online to a selected number of contacts while you appear offline to others. It provides the opportunity to block contacts from your contacts list on Windows Messenger Live. The contacts on your list, can also share their albums with each other. You just have to upload the pictures online, and then you can share it with your contacts. You can also connect your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace with your Windows Messenger Live Profile. This way, you can also connect with your social networks. As windows Messenger Live keeps improving and adding more features to this service. They have added games and applications, so while you chat with your friends, you can play games simultaneously. There are games, such as chess, solitaire etc. Now they have integrated Windows Messenger Live with the Windows Internet Explorer. That way, you can access your email accounts and mail through either software. You and your friends can share links to websites, comment on other people’s pictures and activities. Windows Messenger Live is also made to be compatible with apple laptops and software. The emoticons on Windows Messenger Live are improved on with every version. Even flash emoticons are available. They literally come out of your screen to deliver their message.

Tips and Comments

Some of the new features that have been added to the recent versions of Windows Messenger Live are being acclaimed across the world. The new version makes sure that people can exchange videos online and through email. One of the most popular features is the Video Calls, people can see each other while they conference with each other. They use webcam, and microphones to send their video and sound. Windows Messenger Live has also started a new feature, such as the TV-like "Channel" where, they can broadcast their video like channels do. All in all, its a very useful tool for effective communication. And billions of people are using the this software, and are witnesses to its useful-ness.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/10/2012
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What You Need To Know About Windows Live Messenger. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.