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In the year 2000, Windows (a series of operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation) released an operating system for computers called Windows 2000. It carried forward the line of operating systems produced by the company and could be used on desktops, laptops and any other servers alike. Throughout 2000, Windows 2000 remained a popular operating system and was considered the most secure system of its time. It came into the market with four versions that were all for the professional sector and targeted the business market.


Before 2000, Windows was promoting its other operating systems like the Windows NT series and Windows 98 but the Windows 2000, which was introduced in the market in February 2000, was a successor of the previous Windows NT system. While some supported this system and acknowledged its improvements, others criticized it, before and after its launch, for defects it was claimed to have. This system and Windows NT 4.0 also had to face a controversy regarding the leakage of its source code in 2004.


Despite the conflicts that Microsoft had to face regarding this system, there is no doubt that Windows 2000 was definitely ahead of all the systems previously in line. It did include many of the new features of Windows 98 like the Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer 5, Outlook Express and many others, but at the same time it introduced its own features. It was the first Windows system to support the hibernation mode at the level of operating system. Moreover, it introduced mass storage class devices and USB device class drivers to support USB printers. The security systems of the Windows were updated by the introduction of Windows file protection in the 2000 version of it. Not only this, but in 2000, Windows was ready to upgrade its administration and management system through Windows 2000. The Windows 2000 also for the first time presented the Multilingual User Interface which offered support in about 17 different languages and many other different locales. Furthermore, the Start menu, included in Windows 2000, offered a very personalized experience to users not only in terms of customization but also in terms of multi tasking. One of the most significant improvements in the Windows 2000, as a successor of Windows NT 4.0, was the Plug and Play feature which allowed for automatic detection and recognition of any hardware installed and other device notification events. Windows 2000 also introduced the on-screen keyboard which could be used with the help of a mouse and presented a screen reader by the name of ‘Microsoft Narrator.’

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Since Windows 2000 came out, developments have been made in the computer industry with many better, improved and upgraded computer operating systems coming in the market. After 2000, Microsoft continued to dominate the computer industry by carrying forward the line of operating systems. It introduced Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 systems into the market. Apart from these, it also introduced the Windows Me operating system for domestic use. However, a little after and during the year 2000, Windows 2000 maintained a reputation as a reliable system for the running of computers and was considered as the best option amongst other operating systems. Despite its errors, Windows 2000 is not to be taken as any less than a jewel in the treasure of operating systems developed by Microsoft.

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