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So you have windows on your computer system and you are always on it, working, watching movies, playing games and browsing the internet. Just like any other hardware gadgets and computers, even software like windows gets out of date pretty quickly, especially Microsoft word and internet explorer. A lot of the components used by websites require your browser and computers to have special drivers and software necessary for them to function. This is why back in 1994, Microsoft decided to make an update option for its windows users. Now update does not mean to get newer windows every time it gets outdated. You should, because it is the best thing for your work, but sometimes your current windows version is just fine without having to opt for a new one. Those things are like $50. Microsoft created a system known as windows update. Windows on update option gets all the free upgrades for the windows operating system.


The windows update program is a service by the Microsoft Corporation for its windows operating system users. The program allows the users to upgrade and install drivers and files that keep their windows compatible with the newer components and software on internet. The upgrades and services are completely free as long as you have a genuine windows system running on your computer system. It was first introduced in the Windows 95 system, to keep most of the security and browsing features updated. As the internet progressed, so did the upgrade options features. This feature is usually automatic but it did come with an off switch. If you are fine with just the way your system is working, you can disable the windows on update program from the control panel. The program requires a web browser that enables ActiveX control for the installation files to properly download and work.


The web link is usually provided as a direct link in any windows. The program, if set to option in settings, will automatically download all the updates that Microsoft is providing for you system to work efficiently. These updates usually include security updates for protection against malware and spam, or updates to correct bugs and errors discovered by users or even to simply improve functionality. The updates are available for most Microsoft supporting programs as well. You will find multiple Microsoft office updates and compatibility packs online, if you have your windows on update.

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At first any windows on update could simply download any of the update files and install the features on to the system but recently, since after window XP, Microsoft requires windows identification for any system to successfully install its updates. It is also the reason why if you run a pirated copy of windows, your system gets a notification on your desktop with a black screen. Windows update has proven to be a great option for Microsoft and its customers. They are able to automatically fix any problem that they find with the operating system, report bugs and keep customers happy as a direct link is bonded through the system.

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