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How To Download Live Windows Messenger

Published at 02/17/2012 06:23:19


MSN Messenger, now known as Windows Live Messenger, is a type of instant messaging client that was created by Microsoft. Windows Live Messenger was designed for use on the Windows XP, Windows Vista and the Windows 7 operating systems. In addition, you can download live windows messenger on Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Xbox 360, Windows Phone and other mobile devices. People usually want to download live windows messenger on their desktop, laptop or netbook computer. Download live windows messenger to chat with friends and family, make free phone calls, make free video chats, and share photo galleries.

The latest version of the download live windows messenger was released in March 2010, which is referred to as "Wave 4" was released on the Internet. The new features on Windows Live Messenger is the "What's New" feature that is similar to how MySpace and Facebook release their updates via statuses. More features included tabbed conversations, new emoticons, also know as smilies, Bing search engine integration, High-definition video chatting, SkyDrive and Facebook integration, built-in video messaging, status updates, and Facebook chat intergration. There are a few ways to download live windows messenger on your computer. You can download live windows messenger for free and it will never cost you anything to download live windows messenger.

Step 1

Check to see if you already have a download live windows messenger copy on your computer. Some Microsoft Windows computers already come with a pre-installed download live windows messenger. The Windows Live Messenger desktop shortcut will not appear on your desktop. You have to search for the download live windows messenger from your "Start" menu.

Step 2

Press "Start" button on the keyboard on your computer and then click "All Programs." Look at the top right of the screen. You will see programs, such as Windows Movie Maker and you should see the download live windows messenger. Click on Windows Live Messenger and your PC will automatically download live windows messenger on your computer. It may take several minutes for this to install on your computer. Once it is done installing, into your Hotmail/Windows Live email address and password to sign in.

Step 3

Download a program called Trillian Astra. Trillian allows you to use more than one instant messenger at a time include Windows Live Messenger. You can download Trillian at Trillian notifies you when you get emails from Windows Live and you can use additional features on your download live windows messenger on Trillian, as well.

Step 4

Go to to download live windows messenger. is the leading website for software downloads and they always have the latest editions and versions of every software program available.

Step 5

Type in "Windows Live Messenger" into the search box and then hit the "Enter" key. The latest download live windows messenger should be the first program to show up on the search results. Once you find Windows Live Messenger, click on the link. You are taken to a new page. Click "Download" to download live windows messenger. will automatically download the program, so wait a few seconds. Save the program on your PC to download live windows messenger.