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How To Send a Message in Mail Live Windows

Published at 02/17/2012 06:25:52


Formerly known as Hotmail, Windows Live Mail is the current version of the Microsoft email client that is free to use. Mail live windows is the successor of the Windows XP mail client, Outlook Express and the mail client for Windows Vista, Windows Mail. The Microsoft Team developed and created Mail live windows. Electronic mail, or email, is an electronic method of exchanging messages in digital format from one author to another. When you send an email to someone, he is called the recipient. When you send an email, you are called the sender. Email messages in all email clients including mail live windows are in three parts. The three parts are the forwarded message, which is an email already sent to someone else, but it is sent to someone else. The second part is the delivered message, which means the email was delivered successfully to the recipient and the last part is the stored message.

The stored message is the message you receive in your email and it is stored in your inbox until you delete it. Mail live windows has an unlimited amount of space and you can send and receive as many messages as you want. The email message includes other components, such as message headers, message body and the message envelope. The message body is where you write the email you want to send in mail live windows. The message header is the "To:" and "From." You type or copy and paste the email address you want to send in mail windows live in the "To:" header. The message envelope is the icon that shows you that you sent a message or when you replied to a message. A replied message shows an arrow on top of an envelope. Anyone can send a message in mail live windows. It is very simple.

Step 1

Sign in to your Windows Live account. Enter your email you have for mail live windows and then type in the password. You are taken to your inbox. You can enter your inbox to send a message in mail live windows in two ways. You can click on "Go to Inbox" or you can click on "Send Message."

Step 2

Click "New" when you click on "Go to Inbox." If you clicked on "Send Message" you are taken to the area where you send an email.

Step 3

Copy and paste or write down the email address in the "To:" line." If the person you want to send a message in mail live windows to is in your contacts list, the email address will automatically appear, so you do not have to copy/paste or write down the email.

Step 4

Write a subject in "Subject." The subject tells the recipient why you are sending the message.

Step 5

Write the message you want to send in the message body, also known as the blank, white space you see under "Subject." Once you are done with writing your message, all you have to do is click the "Send" button. Make sure everything is correct in the email. Check to see if the email address is correct. Make sure you have no errors in your writing. Click "Send" to send a message in mail live windows.