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5 Things You Must Know About 2003 Windows Server


Popularly known by the name win2k3, server 2003 windows is a server operating system produced by Microsoft on the 24th of April in the year 2003. It is more balanceable and ensures delivery of server services and a better performance compared to its predecessor that is the windows 2000 server. Since being introduced, other more versions have been brought into the market which include the windows server 2008 that was released on February 2008. Three are things that you must know about server 3003 windows and which are very important before you have the thought of purchase and installation.

Important things you must know about Server 2003 Windows

One of the things that is a must know is that Server 2003 windows operating system has windows clustering by default. This means that all that you need to do is to run the script configurations with the cluster.exe or to start the service manually. The investigation of the computers configurations takes place after installation making problem that occur to be easily identified. I if the computer systems are configured to make use of DHCP for the network interface, the Server 2003 windows operating system analysis stage will preset a caution because it does not work well on server clusters.

Sever 2003 windows operating system comes with a volume shadow copy service that is very important. A Volume shadow is the creation of an instance of a certain storage location at a given time. With sever 2003 windows system; you can use the management console (MMC) from Microsoft, a disk management instance or even the Microsoft management console shared directory to enable the volume shadow copy service. This is the feature that allows a better file back up and a feature that an administrator and user can use to be able to recover others versions of file from the shared networks.

Another thing that one must know about Server 2003 windows operating system is that it comes with an active domain rename service. This feature is very essential as it lets the administrator to change the domain and the net bios names at any given time. This feature in Server 2003 windows operating package helps to get rid of the need to create newer domain names and the migration of the domain objects to the new ones.

Server 2003 windows in service system also have the Resultant Set Of Policies (RSoP).this is a feature that assists he administrator to study the network effects and policy settings on the users and the computer system. RSoP is very important as it helps you to debug policies, meticulously because the updated preparation style or mode lets one to see the new policy effect before they are deployed.

There is also a support for RIS in the server operating system. This is an ability to use the RIS to perform the windows server installation. It enables the client installation but doesn’t support the server installation. You can use the upgrade .net feature for better installation of all the versions of Server 2003 windows operating systems except the data center edition, windows2000 and windows XP.

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