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How To Run Media For Windows


Microsoft Windows is the most famous and most used operating system or OS among computers and laptops because it is user friendly, efficient and compatible with several application and online activities. When aiming to play media Windows, users only have to set things up properly. Most of the process will automatically be handled by the operating system and most of the things people wish to view or listen to will quickly be presented.

Step 1

Understand the automatic functions. Experiencing media Windows is generally easy and automatic because of the normal processes and functions of the operating system. A lot of tasks and activities the users deal with on and off the internet are automatically cared for by the system. People can listen to music, view photos and watch videos using the media player and photo viewer. Windows also has built-in applications that will make it very easy for individuals to run a variety of media on their laptops and desktop computers. For example, if a person has a DVD or CD to play, he simply needs to feed it into the computer and Windows will automatically run the media using its own media player. The user does not have to configure, adjust or manage the way media is being played.

Step 2

Set up the computer and software. In some cases, the system will ask the user which primary media player he intends to use for one or all activities of the same type. The person only needs to confirm it once and then all media of that type will automatically be presented using the same application unless the person changes the settings. Also, if the person feeds a DVD or CD to the laptop or computer, the system might wait a while or not automatically play the media. The person should only select the drive where the DVD is inserted and then choose to play it in the preferred player. Within a few seconds, the video or images will be displayed.

Step 3

Set up HTTP streaming. For online media Windows activities, the person should check the IP address first and make sure that it is compatible with the port or system. There are tools like Windows Media Station and Windows Media Unicast that allow quick and easy streaming of videos, photos and other HTTP streams within seconds straight from the internet. People can also try interactive games and programs directly from the internet. Minor adjustments in the settings might be required to ensure that the online processes and tasks are quickly viewed and presented.

Step 4

People can also get more help and support if they encounter problems with the media Windows setup by talking to users online and reading articles and blogs about these applications and tools. Get information on both online and offline activities.

Step 5

Beginners who are having trouble running the media aside from automatic means and methods should consult a professional. The computer expert will setup the media Windows accordingly. The person should indicate all the functions, programs and activities so that the support will be prepared for such.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/15/2012
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