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Understanding How To Work With Windows


Every day when we switch our computer it is nice to feel the amount of control we have and we feel like a king among loyal subjects. We have an excellent assistant in the shape of mouse which moves over the whole screen and get us what we want like king’s hand, calling up music playlist or an internet browser at the smallest amount of impression. Although we feel like a king but in the background of our desktop or laptop screen a lot is taking place and the real man behind the curtain who is responsible to carrying out all those instructions from master is an operating system. Most of the desktop PCs and laptops come with preloaded windows with exception of the Macintosh computers come with a preloaded Mac OS X.

Step 1

A computer user interacts via windows with the computer and a computer without windows is useless. It is the first thing that is loaded is a window with its accessories. A windows with accessories such as MS office, is an operating system manufactured by windows.

Step 2

Recently windows with accessories appeared on to the small computers such as mini laptops, tablets and notebooks. It has started appearing on the small everyday usage electronic devices such as cell phones and wireless access points. This has happened because on the computers has became so much that they can run windows with accessories very conveniently. The technological advancements have reached a very high level of innovation and continued R&D has made it possible that a computer on a cell phone has became more powerful than a desktop 20 years from now and runs a windows with accessories much better.

Step 3

The main purpose of windows with its accessories is to work with hardware and softwares and make it convenient to use a computer by giving mere instructions using mouse as director. Then you go on using various icons present on your desktop or hooked with the start menu.

Step 4

The start menu also has a control panel which can be used as a place from where you can handle almost very thing in your computer you can add new hardware and their drivers and softwares.

Step 5

Then in the same start menu you will find out your installed programs and of course there is my computer option, here you find out your storage options there are other peripheral devices such as printers and scanners.


If you run into any trouble just go to the task manager option and you will shut the trouble making thing right away and it is that very place where you can also see the performance f your computer as well.


So operating system a window with attached accessories acts in very flexible way just to make computing a joyful experience. If you don’t find it so due to any problem you can get help by just a push button (F1), for offline and online help. Windows with its accessories are the most used operating system and the most users friendly and it also uses most of the available applications softwares.

By John, published at 02/16/2012
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Understanding How To Work With Windows. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.