Great Advice For Windows Server 2003
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Great Advice For Windows Server 2003

Published at 02/15/2012 21:45:50


Great Advice For Windows Server 2003

Windows server 2003 is server operating system developed by Microsoft in 2003. It provides many server- oriented functionalities like sharing files and other hardware devices, security, user authentication, its act as application server, it also provide mailing services etc.


For network administration security is the major concern so you can enhance it by many different technologies regarding security in windows servers 2007, some of them are auditing, authorization manager, public key infrastructure, security configuration wizard, security policy etc.

Another advice while using windows sever 2003 software is that keep monitoring the system performance.

Use windows SharePoint services because it is build to meet the change requirements of your business.

After installing windows server 2003, when you are going to configure Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MsDTC) create a unique group with IP, network name and these both should be unique.

Do not change default privileges again and again in Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

In windows server 2003 r2, we can say dependency hierarchy in cluster is very important. So we have to take care for while assigning dependency to resources. Physical disk and IP address resources are two of those resources which do not depend on any other resource.

For network you should download latest server 2003 drivers or firmware.

Use variety of keyboard shortcuts for general functions in server 2003.

For backup or shared folders use volume shadow copy service. It provides you a backup infrastructure in windows server 2007. In this copies of data can be created and these copies are called “shadow copies”. By this you can quickly recover and restore files and data.

You can enable remote desktop, by this you can remotely manage Microsoft server 2003 oem version from any client terminal. By remote desktop you can user change passwords. By using remote desktop we can save time for going again and again to server room.

Carefully partition your disks by using any tools that are available and keeping in mind your requirements. Before partitioning you must know the limitations of basic and dynamic storage types.

To keep your account secure from hacker, delete administrator account because everyone knows that there is an administrator. After that you can make another account with administrator privileges.

For error handling, try to use troubleshooting strategies which methodically solve your problem by helping and guiding you.

When using windows server 2003 sp3, in start try to explore it more and more so that you can get familiar with its new features which were not present before.

We can improve performance because windows server 2003 is pre-configure with some settings that increase performance. For the first time you should test these configurations to ensure that they don’t create any problem on your network.

To increase the performance of sever we can add some extra memory or add another processor. Other thing you can do is try to find out the causes for slow processing may be you don’t need to add memory or extra processor.
You can download windows server 2003 from Microsoft while its new version of Windows Server 2008 has also hit the stores.


Great Advice For Windows Server 2003

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