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Discover 8 Tips For Windows Tools


Computer is a processing box and just a hardware which requires an operating system to utilize its abilities and processing. Windows, by Microsoft, is such strong operating system which uses all the resources of a computer and provides maximum facilities to its user in the form of Windows tools. From many years, after building computer, people were struggling hard to get ALL-IN-ONE solution in the form of any hardware or software. After repeated researches, various operating systems were designed with abilities to handle general uses as well as to fulfill business needs. Windows has been designed to provide a user friendly interface which anyone can handle even the kids. After the success of Windows 3.1, Microsoft jumped into series of Windows like Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, VISTA, SEVEN and finally EIGHT. Windows 7 is successful amongst all as Windows 8 is going through developmental processes.
There are many types of Windows 7 like:

  • Home Basic
  • Home Premium
  • Professional
  • Ultimate

Main functionalities of all Windows are almost same, but they are different at the technical level. Here are few tips about Windows tools which are best to describe Windows working.

Step 1

Installation of Windows:
Installation of windows has been made so simple with automatic configuration. After inserting disc, installation windows tools automatically run and check the system for necessary installation steps. A person is only asked to enter serial key, rest of steps are done automatically.

Step 2

Best for Touchscreens:
Its design is best for touchscreens and provides a set of attractive functions like live wall papers, tap and open, swipe and write, touch to zoom and many other functions. These functions are accessible from Windows tools area defined in Control panel.

Step 3

Themes and Layouts:
Previously, people used third party theme making tools but Windows 7 solved this issue by providing attractive and colorful themes as a part of Windows tools. These themes can be accessed from Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization, Change the theme. You can create your own eye-catching theme easily.

Step 4

Other Windows Tools:
There are so many other tools which Windows provide to handle respective functions. To capture a part of screen, Snipping tool is provided. While copying data if connected drive is removed, Windows allows user to either try again or cancel the action. By touching open program’s title bar to left, right or top will result in tiling left, right or top with just dragging it. Windows tools are rich with functionalities which are very useful and handy.

Other Features

Windows is always considered as key software for general user as well as to meet the business demands. Though Windows is full of functionalities, but it still requires tools like Microsoft Office, PDF reader, Antivirus, Communication tools like Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and MSN etc.

Latest Updates about Windows

Microsoft is working anxiously on Windows to make its working perfect, to meet this; a new Windows revision takes place after a certain interval. Latest updates have shown that Microsoft Windows 8 is going through its completion process. That version of windows will be more purposeful and efficient than the previous versions.

By John, published at 02/26/2012
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