How To Treat Small Cell Lung Cancer Lung
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How To Treat Small Cell Lung Cancer Lung

Published at 03/19/2012 10:48:48


How To Treat Small Cell Lung Cancer Lung

Lung cancers are generally of two types. Small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. Small cell lung cancer covers almost 15% of the lung cancer cases. Lung cancer has various forms of treatment, which applies both for small cell as well as non-small cell types. Hence, it must be diagnosed as early as possible in order to get the treatment done. Treatment of small cell lung cancer is done by various types of medical professionals like Surgeons, radiologists, oncologists etc… Thus, based on the symptoms the various procedures and methods of treatments are:

Step 1

1. Surgery of the lungs in the infected person: An effective way to deal with small cell lung cancer is to undergo surgical procedures. Often, surgery is done only in those cases where the cancer cells have not undergone metastasis. If metastasis has already occurred then other procedures can be followed. PET or positron emission tomography is used in order to detect this property of the cancer cells of the infected person. Blood tests or even spirometry can be done.

Step 2

2. Radiotherapy where surgery is not possible: Often, it has been seen that due to late diagnosis of small cell lung cancer, the cancer cells gets enough time to undergo metastasis. Hence, surgery is not left as an option. In such cases, Radiotherapy procedures can be applied. This procedure is often combined together with chemotherapy, in order to make it effective. If the region of the Bronchi is affected in the lungs, then this combination is often termed as Brachytherapy.

Step 3

3. Chemotherapy of the small cell type: Often, in case of small cell lung cancer chemotherapy is applied. Though, used in combination with Radiotherapy, chemotherapy can include drugs like etoposide and Cisplatin. Carboplatin, paclitaxel, and other forms of combinations are even used on the patient in order to kill the cancer cells, and prevent further metastasis. Often, these drugs are administered at a stage when the patient is undergoing Radiation therapy. This makes chemotherapy even more effective.

Step 4

4. Medical counseling towards a better life: Often, the above three steps are enough to treat small cell lung cancer. But, even then the effected person must undergo medical counseling in order to increase his or her chances of survival. It is a known fact, that our body has the power to treat various diseases using its internal immunity. We just need to boost the psychological strength of the person, so that he or she can live a much better life in the future.

Step 5

5. Natural therapy and Ayurveda: People often cured 90% by the medical procedures; further undergo various natural treatments in order to reduce the effects of small cell lung cancer. These natural ways include meditation, Yoga and natural medicines to increase immunity, body strength increment via Ayurveda based medicines, and sometimes even Homeopathy. Though, the drugs might not be effective to your eyes, but often, the mental strength gained by the effected person can be very high, and thus, help him or her a lot.


Friends and family support helps a lot in these cases.

additional tip

Always try to cure cancer in its earlier stages.


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