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How Does Lung Cancer Manifested in the Body

Lung cancer if diagnose

In the United States, lung cancer is the secondary major public health problem. Lung cancer often undetected and most lung cancer manifested patient only lives 5 years after their diagnosis. Lung cancer is most likely with same symptoms with other diseases, in an early stage, but is often diagnose when it is already in the critical stage.

Feeling of the person when infected in the area

A Person with lung cancer is experiencing pain as if they are carrying heavy equipment and a block of cement is blocking the air path way inside their body. When a person have a lung cancer he is have these symptoms:

Manifested such as intense, persistent couch, changes in color or the amount of sputum produced, coughing up mucus or phlegm with spots of blood.
 Pain in the, shoulder and back, when coughing or not.
 Shortness of breath
 Frequent respiratory conditions such as bronchitis or pneumonia
 Weakness and weight loss

According to research, people who did not use a tobacco nor did not have smoking vices are more negative to this epidemic disease. The manifested of lung cancer depends on the effect of local growth of the tumor, regional growth or spread through the lymphatic system, metastatic disease, or immune cross-reaction with tumor antigens.

a. Local growth such as cough and pain
b. Regional growth such as Horner’s syndrome
c. Manifested such as metastatic disease such as headache, pain and mental status change, skin or soft tissue mass and weakness
d. Paraneoplastic cutaneous skeletal such as clubbing and dermatomyositis
e. Hematologic such as Anemia and Thrombophlebitis
f. Neurologic such as Cancer (associated retinopathy) and Neuropathies

Procedures and medications for killing lung cancer

A person who has a lung cancer does not lose hope because of the technology we have and continues study of the doctors and expert. Here are some options for treating a lung cancer.


  • Stages I to II A & B
  1. Radiotherapy if the patient is unable to tolerate resection or chooses not to undergo resection.
  2. Surgical resection if the patient can tolerate it
  3. Consider adjuvant chemotherapy
  •  Stage III A
  1. Concurrent chemoradiotherapy using a platinum-based regimen if performance is reasonable
  • Stage III B
  1. Concurrent chemoradiotherapy using a platinum-based regimen if performance is reasonable
  2. Induction chemoradiotherapy followed by resection in highly select patients manifested
  • Stage IV
  1. Platinum-based chemortherapy regimen in patients with adequate performance status
  2. Limited-stage
  3. Chemotheraphy with concurrent hyperfractionated radiotherapy if performed status is adequate
  4. Prophylactic cranial radiation for those with a complete response to chemoradiotherapy
  5. Extensive-stage
  6. Chemotheraphy if performance status is adequate

Dietary and daily allowance

People with lung cancer must eat green leafy vegetables since it is known to help detoxicate bacteria inside the body that helps worsen patients’ health status. Fruits rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals will help to improve the immune system and kills the cells causing lung cancer. Lung cancer remains silent for a long period of time, but it starts being small to enough damage to your body.

By Felix Go, published at 02/09/2012
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