How Do I Determine Which Stage Lung Cancer I Have?
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How Do I Determine Which Stage Lung Cancer I Have?

Published at 03/01/2012 15:54:58

Being Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

How Do I Determine Which Stage Lung Cancer I Have?

People don’t want to be diagnosed with cancer; more so with lung cancer. Like other cancer types, lung cancer happens when there is uncontrolled growth of cells in the lung region. This may start with just one of side of the lungs and can further grow uncontrollably.

Lung cancer can happen to anyone but some people are prone to this disease if they compromise the health condition of their lungs. Those who have abused their lungs by smoking or being exposed to polluted air may have high risks of getting lung cancer.

Know The Symptoms

How Do I Determine Which Stage Lung Cancer I Have?

Like other cancers, lung cancer also has its stage lung cancer. The earlier cancer is determined in a person, the better the chances are in recovering or getting cured—although most cancer diseases are still without cures. It is crucial therefore that a person can detect early signs of lung cancer in the body even before it reaches the last stages.

The symptoms or signs that you might be at risk of having lung cancer may include, but not limited to, persistent coughing, loss of appetite resulting to weight loss, shortness of breath, constant pain in the chest and uncharacteristic fever. Some other common symptoms that ling cancer will manifest in are pneumonia, bronchitis, or any other respiratory-related illnesses.

Determining the Stages of Lung Cancer

How Do I Determine Which Stage Lung Cancer I Have?

The stages that lung cancer is categorized in can tell how severe and serious the disease has already become. Determining the patient’s stage lung cancer is already in can help doctors give the right treatments and procedures. Treating a lung cancer patient without knowing the stage of the cancer is like treating the disease blindly. For treatments to be effective, determining the stage lung cancer is crucial.

How are stages of lung cancer determined or categorized?

After consulting with the doctor and the result would show that the cancer is found just in the local area of the lung then it is considered in the Stage 0 of lung cancer. This means that treatments like photodynamic therapy or even surgery can be administered since the cancer has not reached the top lining f the lung yet.

As the lung cancer progresses to the different stages, the treatments can also become more serious and extensive. The stages of cancer can only go as far as Stage IV. So if the patient has already reached the final stage of the disease, the chances of survival are already lessened.

Tests Can Determine the Stages

To determine the stage lung cancer, doctors and hospitals would have patients undergo several tests. The test results can show signs and indications on what the status is of the lung cancer.

Patients are examined through blood chemistry tests, CT scan, MRI, PET scans, X-rays and bone scans. The results can show any abnormalities in the body that can pinpoint the existence of tumor. Once these tests and examinations are done, the doctors will then be able to know which treatments are necessary.

Before the stage lung cancer has become worse, proper procedures in determining the right stages might just save a patient’s life.


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