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Common Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Research of breast cancer

Women are prone to breast cancer, although there is a study, in minimal cases, that man also a victim by breast cancer. It can be hereditary or due to adaptation from other disease. Breast Cancer does not choose the age of the hosts, to where it will grow. It can victim teenagers, adults, moms, and even aged people in their menopausal period. According to statistics, about 1 out of 8 women, or 12%, of the total U.S. women are diagnosed of breast cancer. It is a little bit scary that women must be aware off.

Signs that people should watch out

External change in figure of a symptoms breast cancer patient can normally see, if the patient is unaware or diagnosed to have breast cancer. Although there are breast cancer programs that pursue how to defeat breast cancer at an early stage. A person with breast cancer will have physical change such as:

  1. Pain in the breast or near the armpit.
  2. The person can feel a small lump somewhere in the breast.
  3. A fully developed breast will have an imbalance of size against the other breast.
  4. There is unusual rushes around the nipple or areola (dark skin around the nipples).
  5. Sometimes, there is a dripping of unidentified liquid from the nipples.

If symptoms like this, consult your doctor right away to give you options and suggestions on what to do, in case diagnose of symptoms breast cancer.

Self-diagnose for an early stage

A person can diagnose herself or can check her breast once in a while to make sure that symptoms breast cancer is not actively invading her body. Here is a simple step taught by the doctors.

  1. Lay down straight in a flat surface.
  2. Put one of your arms on top of your head, and the other arm beside your body lying straight leaving your armpit open.
  3. Ask your mom, sister or husband to touch your breast clockwise or counter clockwise, to feel any lump or small hard mass anywhere around the breast.
  4. If anything feel or unnecessary mass found, go to the doctor ask for a professional help.
  5. When the doctor also felt something, the person will undergo series of test such as mammogram, breast MRI and or biopsy.

Test for your recovery

With the help of the new technology, breast cancer is easily be diagnose by doctors and if in an early stage can still be treated and can be removed from your body. Mammogram is a process to examine breast cancer in an early stage, with low energy X-rays. Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is known to be 95% in detection of cancer than the other diagnostic test. Biopsy is a test where the doctors get a sample of tissue or cells from the patient's body. Breast Cancer is said to be one of the common symptoms breast cancer that doctors can diagnose in an early stage and one way or the other can be treated through series of medication or surgery. Remember that doctors gives us an idea on how to self diagnose ones in a while to prevent breast cancer in an early stage.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 02/17/2012
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