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What Makes the Body Succumb To Cancer

It affects all parts of the body

Cancer comes in different types, different stages and different succumb to our body. When the type of cancer is in an early stage, the person may not be aware of his disease. Medical treatment is being done to fight the cancer cells inside the body. But, when the body gets tired, and the mind of the person stops fighting, that’s the time when the body succumb to cancer.

Technology is where a person rely on

Stages of cancer depend on the bracket that his test result reaches. The doctors will only declare the stage of the cancer and will depend on the blood and urine components, done in more advanced way. A person with cancer undergo screening to know what pace, type of cancer disease and stages he is experiencing such as:
o Test that detects specific cancer like rectal cancer
o Ultrasound and CT Scan to know how big the malignant or tumor is
o Biopsy test or T/Tn antigen test

Physical and normal delivery

Every pain and every disease has a distinction to where it will leads to. It is the doctor’s way of detecting the cancer through its physical symptoms and physical changes happening in the person, affected by cancer disease:
 Bladder cancer symptoms usually have a blood spots in the urine or very painful urination
 Bone cancer symptoms usually is weakness is using the part of the body affected by the disease and very painful when touch on that particular area.
 Breast cancer symptoms mostly have physical changes such as enlargement of the breast where the cancer was developed
 Colorectal cancer symptoms are bleeding in the rectal area without any seeing any wounds
 Lung cancer symptoms usually are coughing with blood spots and chest pain especially when coughing
 Uterine cancer symptoms are bleeding in vagina or blood stain, experiencing pain while urinating and pelvic pain

Action against the disease

People whose cancer cells have been triggered are still lucky to survive in this generation and still will succumb to cancer. There are medications or treatment a cancer patient can undergo to stat killing the cancer cells and the positive thinking to survive and live a normal life. The patient can undergo:
 Chemotherapy where the poisoning of the rapid growth of cancer cells is being stop and destroyed.
 Radiation therapy is also destroying cancer cells (also burns and damages healthy tissues and cells of the body)
 Surgery is where the cancer is being removed, usually done in an early stage or symptoms such as removing tumors
 Other natural treatment such as healthy life style and food intake, yoga and others; this is usually done by people who are in the early stage of cancer and does not what the malignant or tumors be removed to prevent rapid spread inside the body
Cancer cells only starts to multiply when you start feeding them with vices and bad habit of unhealthy lifestyle. Chemotherapy and radiation only prolong your life but, do not actually clean or free you from cancer. If this happens, the body starts to succumb to other diseases and complications. So start doing things right before your body succumb to cancer and other critical disease.

By Felix Go, published at 02/09/2012
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