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Why is water helpful in our body


If we look several centuries back, in the history of science and discoveries related to evolution of human beings, we come to know that the very first living organism on the planet earth was composed of water. This makes water the first necessity of life. A life without water is just impossible because it is one of the basic needs of a human system without which several systems of our body cannot function properly. Lets us have a look why water is helpful for our body and in our lives.


Drinking plenty of water is very helpful to our body as our body is composed of 60-70% with water. Water is a source of life for all the thousands of cells in our body and without water these cells will wither and die. A human brain is composed of about 70% water and we know that even thinking of drinking a glass of water is impossible if our brain is not working in the right way. Air is also a basic necessity of man and the task of supplying the whole body with air is assigned to the lung. Did you know lungs contain more than 90% of water and hence without water, you will suffer a lot even to breathe.



Water is the life and soul of every organ and system of the body as it keeps us hydrated all the times. The circulation of the water to each cell is helpful because it provides nutrition and makes your muscles work. The digestion of food is impossible without water as taking all food in dry form will make the food stick to your intestine and causes constipation and other digestive problems. Not only this, water is essential for the discharge of wasteful products for your body, without which your whole system would collapse.

Another most beneficial and helpful thing related to water and your body temperature is the ability of water to cool down the body temperature, lack of it causes several skin and stomach problems. It is a very healthy habit to drink a lot of water so that you can keep your body active and metabolism at high rate. You should keep this in mind that you should not only drink water when you feel thirsty; rather make it a habit to do so every hour. Keeping a bottle at your side where ever you are is really a big help. Put it on your table when you are working and keep drinking and refilling it. This is the best tip to stay healthy.

Tips and comments

While using a lot of water is healthy and helpful to your body, wasting it, on the other hand is the cause of several deaths of those people who are deprived of this basic necessity of life. Use it in a way that you are not cutting off the supply for some other person. Similarly using too much water could be hazardous for you too as it is a cause of Water Intoxication and hyper hydration. So it is good to drink 8 glasses of water per day.

By stephanie ann zambrano, published at 01/21/2012
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Why is water helpful in our body. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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