Dealing With Pests & Diseases In Your Garden
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Dealing With Pests & Diseases In Your Garden

Published at 01/13/2012 16:39:53

You Got Enemies

Dealing With Pests & Diseases In Your Garden

Two of the major enemies of a gardener are pests and diseases in the garden. If the garden is not properly attended to then it will be no surprise those pests and diseases will abound. The gardener has to know a lot of things about these threats to his garden to be able to protect his garden and eliminate the enemies. The gardener needs to be very watchful with his garden for any infestation, must have variety of plants, and must keep a good garden hygiene so he wouldn’t have to worry.

There are Pests in Your Garden

Dealing With Pests & Diseases In Your Garden

Growing a garden is one tough task. You need to be up for it to be able to maintain the good condition of you plants. There are a lot of factors can that make maintaining a garden challenging. Some of these factors are pests.

Pests are not just those which crawl on the soil and look disgusting. Those that are considered pests are those which can cause damage to your plants and stop them from growing.

There will be times when your plants will be attacked by birds. These birds love to pull out the seedlings, tear at flowers and peck on the leaves.

There are insect pests which can cause severe damage to your plants by sucking sap from the young leaves and the short tips; these are the aphids. These insect pests need to be stopped right away and the way to do it is by spraying Malathion or any insecticides to save your plants.

Slugs and snails can also cause headaches especially during the wet season. But there are slug killer pellets that can help you keep them away from your plants. 

Diseases can Kill Your Garden

Dealing With Pests & Diseases In Your Garden

A gardener also needs to worry about diseases in the garden and not just those pests. Garden diseases include moldy, powdery coatings on your plants’ stems and leaves, brown leaves, and sudden wilting. Another disease that can also be a problem for gardeners is grey mould which is a common plant disease. This disease is mostly observed in plants grown in crowded and damp conditions. To detect grey mould in your plants, the symptoms will show furry grey growth on the leaves and soft shots will be common.

Those pests that you see in your garden can also cause many diseases to your garden. Eliminating those pests can also eliminate other possible diseases that could have attacked your garden.

Face Those Pests And Diseases

There are ways to make sure your garden is protected from these pests and disease. If you are really serious in keeping a healthy garden then you must have a strategy to address these problems.

Examine your plants carefully for any signs of damages caused by pests. You also have to check on the soil, leaves and the moisture of the garden. Clear away any dead leaves and those dying plants since these can be opportunities pests and diseases are waiting for.

For those pests like slugs and snails, some gardeners would go to their garden at night with a torch and pick those pests manually. You can also put crushed egg shells or sea shells around your plants since snails and slug don’t like crawling on them.


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