How to prevent herpes diseases
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How to prevent herpes diseases

Published at 02/22/2012 17:28:53

Herpes Is Not That Deadly

How to prevent herpes diseases

Herpes is known as a sexually transmitted disease, which is caused by a virus called herpes simplex. This can affect people regardless of age or gender. When you hear about this disease, the concept of this sickness that comes to mind right away is that it is a life threatening herpes diseases. However, this is a misconception since this is not as serious at all.

Although this herpes diseases doesn’t know any age or gender, it is observed that most of those that suffer herpes are women. They say that this is attributed to the vulnerability of the reproductive organs of women compared to those of men. And once herpes is in a person the possibility of spreading it happens when there is sexual contact.

Symptoms Will Show

The very first symptoms that one experiences when they have herpes diseases are those that resemble the flu. You may experience a fever; feel some back pains, muscle pains, and also some swollen lymph glands. On when these symptoms would show is not certain since it would depend on the incubation period of the disease.

There will be visible signs of the herpes diseases in a form of red spots, in the genital area and also in the mouth. Those spots will eventually have some puss filled blisters. These very same pusses contain the infectious material that can infect other people.

This explains why those who have them and already have the puss filled blisters are recommended to make sure they take care of their hygiene. It is also expected that those with herpes will avoid having sexual contact, so they can’t spread the herpes diseases.

Mistakes About Herpes

How to prevent herpes diseases

Some people have this misconception that they won’t get the disease as long as they don’t have sexual contact with a person who has herpes. This is a very misleading idea of the herpes diseases. The disease can be transmitted even with just the saliva of the infected person. Kissing is still a very potent way to infect someone with herpes.

Another mistake of people is to think that once the sores of the infected person are gone then the person is already cured. This is again another wrong notion. The virus just hides in the nervous system and waits for another trigger before it attacks.

A person should have no sexual contact even when the sores seem to be gone. It is better to be safer than sorry.

How to Prevent Herpes

What do you do when you believe you already have herpes and feel that the sores are on the way?
The first thing you need to do is to clear your mind of any worries and any fears. Spending too much time with these negative feelings will not help.

There are supplements that you can take to prevent the sores from showing. Take those trusted supplements for herpes.

If the sores would still show up in spite of all your efforts with the supplements, you can apply effective herpes ointment on every time sore that would appear. These have worked for people who have had herpes; it might just work for you.


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