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Digestive Diseases

The digestive system is important for the body to be healthy. This part of the person’s body is the one responsible in processing the food that we eat and break it down to get all the good things in them that the body could use. The digestive system needs to be in great shape as often as possible so that the body will get all the needed energy so their basic functions are not affected.

Disease can disrupt the functions of the digestive system which can lead to different complications that will affect the other parts of the body. The goal is to have a healthy digestive system so all the nutrients in the food that you take in will not be put to waste.

Types of Digestive Diseases

Digestive diseases that are common include ulcers. This disease is common to many people nowadays. The lack of exercise, poor or bad eating habit, and the busy life that most people have are sometimes where the finger is pointed when the causes are brought up. These ulcers are actually lesions that can occur basically anywhere in the digestive system parts like the stomach, esophagus, or the duodenum.

Gastritis is also common and is known to be caused by bacteria. But some say medications and drinking of too much alcohol are also considered as possible causes of gastritis. Vomiting, indigestion, pain in the abdomen, and diarrhea are the known symptoms of this disease.

A disease that is due to intolerance to gluten, which is in food, is known as Celiac disease. This disease afflicts the small intestines and is considered as an autoimmune disease as well. This disease affects the digestive system by damaging the walls of the small intestines which affects the way nutrients are absorbed.

Another common disease affecting the digestive system is GERD. Gastro esophageal reflux disease is also known as acid reflux. The person who has this will have the food he took in being pushed back into the esophagus which can be painful. This can cause heartburn and nausea to the person.

Myths About Digestive Diseases

There are some misconceptions about digestive diseases needs to be corrected. They are not entirely true and some are even myths.

One myth has it that if you move your bowel for about 3 times in a week is already considered sufficient. There are people who have bowel movements not as frequent as the rest of us. It is ideal to have your bowel movement at least once a day. Some also say that spicy food can cause stomach ulcers. It is bacteria and not spicy foods that can cause ulcers. And there are people who believe that cirrhosis is caused by alcohol alone.

These are misconceptions and should not be taken seriously.

Prevent Them

To prevent these diseases, you must have a healthy diet and regular exercise. Having the right amount of rest can also boost up your immune system.

Drink lots of water. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. And don’t hesitate to pay your doctor a visit to have yourself checked for any possible digestive problems you might be having.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 01/10/2012
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