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Does Brain Cancer Get Progressively Worst


The brain is the control system of the human body. An invasive surgical procedure is commonly used to eliminate tumors. In some cases, tumors grow large enough that it alters the functioning of the body via the brain. Once the brain is damaged, mental imbalance and improper nerve functioning may occur. Unlike the liver that regenerates itself or the kidneys where one can live with a single kidney, the brain is a very delicate organ and once it is damaged there is a slight possibility of going back to your normal routine.


To answer the question, a brief history of the brain is necessary. Knowing the fundamentals of the brain would aid in answering the question, does brain cancer get progressively worse. The brain was first dissected during the 15th century. Not until the 17th century where the precise anatomy of the brain was published by two scientists namely Thomas Willis and Nicolaus Steno. Until today, their published works are being used in the study of the human brain. With the anatomy of the brain comes the physiology. From these extensive studies, diseases and injuries regarding the brain are determined including their effects to the human body functioning. For example, the hypothalamus is the part of the brain that regulates heat and many more. If damage is incurred, thermoregulation and hormone imbalance would occur. As of today, several treatments in regards to the brain injuries or diseases are already practiced. However, complications especially in the context of surgical procedures are inevitable. Some of these complications result to brain functions that progressively result to malfunction or deteriorate.

Brain cancer is the cancer occurring in the brain. Tumour growths occur due to the build up and multiplication of cancer cells. As the tumour grows, whether it is benign or malignant would press certain nerves of the brain that causes certain imbalances. These imbalances are shown through personality changes, seizures, memory loss and seizures. These signs and symptoms may vary depending on which part of the brain is affected. It is known that brain cancer is treatable via chemotherapy, radiation and surgery with a survival rate of 5 years in 30% of the total cases. However, reoccurrences with 2 to 3 years after surgery are highly possible since even the most prestigious surgical procedures will not totally remove all cancer cells. In some cases where tumour growths have invaded delicate parts of the brain, surgery is not an option because it would progressively endanger your life.


The answer to the problem would be yes. Brain cancer would progressively get worst. As mentioned above, the brain is a very delicate organ. Damage received by the brain is considered as a permanent defect. Some would only manifest minor abnormalities. However, if the major part of the brain is affected it may lead to a severe condition. As for brain cancer, treatments will all incur damage. The only reason why it is still practiced is to prolong life. It is because without any treatments brain cancer would lead to death in a short duration of time.

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