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What Are The Causes Of Severe Skin Diseases


Skin diseases are often obstacles to daily life – they cause anxiety, embarrassment and can also be a cause for low self-esteem. This article will try to list the main causes of severe skin diseases, and it is hoped that you will be able to benefit from this information.


Allergies: Allergies are a major reason for severe skin disease. Those who are sensitive to allergens will notice more acute symptoms and signs of the skin disease than others. As the skin acts as a physical barrier and prevents the entry of foreign substances and bodies to our body, it is when a breach does occur that skin inflames or displays other characteristics that we identify as severe skin diseases. Such allergies may be caused due to food we ingest, or in extreme cases, even inhale. These severe skin diseases, however, are temporary, and a removal of the allergen will resolve the problem in most cases.

Eczema in one of the severe skin diseases that is associated with allergies and intolerances, and it leads to red, dry skin that seems to burn. Hives are also caused by allergens, which lead to the increased production of histamine.

Stress, emotional turmoil etc.: Repressed anger and emotions, anxiety, irritation etc. also lead to severe skin diseases in some people, though these diseases are short-lived and will go away when the factors causing such emotional upheaval are taken care of. You will, perhaps, have noticed, that the worst bout of acne happens when you are tense or stressed about something, or when you are feeling especially blue. These tend yo go away when the stress-causing situation goes away.

Rosacea is one of the severe skin diseases which seems to get aggravated when a person is nervous or strained, and is worse for those who suffer from depression.


Internal changes in our bodies: Many severe skin diseases, especially psoriasis, are caused by changes that occur in the immune system or digestive system. These severe skin diseases indicate that something is wrong with the body at another place as well. When immunity is low, either because of weakness or because of some disease, he skin will tend to break out in severe skin diseases as well. Not all of these changes have yet been understood very well, but some can be controlled to provide relief from severe skin diseases.

Exposure to the sun and harmful UV rays: Skin cancer has to be one of the severe skin diseases we discuss here, and it is caused due to imperfect protection from the sun and the effects of ultra-violet rays which happen to filter through the earth's atmosphere.

Tips and Comments

Genetics: Unfortunately, there are some severe skin diseases which seem to be passed on from generation to generation, that is, they are hereditary. You will notice that those who have parents who suffer from severe forms of acne will also be more prone to be annoyed by acute breakouts more often. Those with fair skin and freckles are more susceptible to such skin diseases than their counterparts.

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