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In many cases cats are subjected to conditions which may affect their skin and cause the skin disease.There are many categories of skin diseases that affect the cat’s skin and it is very vital for the owner to have knowledge about the skin diseases that affects their cats. This enables the owner to find the right medication for his or her cat.


Hair loss is the most common skin disease that affect the cats.In this skin disease,the cat losses the hair from the body and the skin remains uncovered.Most cases the owners may assume thinking that it is just a normal disease but care must be taken since it can lead to death. When the owner suspect this skin disease, then he or must console the vetinery officer so that the right medication is prescribed.

Feline diabetes is another skin disease that affect the cats. In many cases this disease is caused by lack of proper diet in the cat’s meal.In this disease, the skin might turn pale and the face losses its shiny color.Although this is an internal disease, it mostly shows its signs in the skin. Caregiver must ensure that this skin disease that affect the cats is dealt with accordingly by providing the cat with proper diet. Caution must be taken to ensure that this skin disease is destroyed in the early stages because it is the most deadly skin disease that affect the cats.


Another common disease skin disease that affect the cats is the inflamation of the pancrease. This skin disease that affect the cats is difficult to detect since it is internal and takes time to show up. In most careses the caregiver are advised to be taking a keen look at cat’s skin so as to notice any color change in the cats. Most of the time, when the cat has developed this disease, the color might change completely and the cat become so weak even though it is still walking. The stool also becomes dry and the cat find it difficult to pass out the stools.

Another skin disease that affect the cats is associated with feline arthritis .This skin disease mostly affect the old cats. The joins of the cats become wweak and even though the cat might be walking, It is easier to identify this disease by taking a keen look at the joints of the cat. In most cases the hair around the joins fall and the place turns to be read. It is thereffore advisable for caregiver to be monitoring the cat everyday.

Giardia is a skin disease that affect the cats mostly when they are in close contact.This skin disease can be spread from one cat to another through skin contact. Although this skin disease that affects cats is the least of all the diseases affecting the cats,it should be noted that it is a very dangerous skin disease that affect the cats.

Tips and comments

The caregiver should be responsible about the health of their cat’s skin in order to prevent these skin diseases that affects the cats.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/03/2012
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