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About Zeolight And Medical Technology


Zeolight is a macroporous mineral that is famous for its absorption of impurities. It is commonly used in the manufacturing industry as a commercial absorbent. Its biggest use in industries is to make detergents. Zeolight is also used in industries for purification, as a catalyst and in the processing of nuclear products. It is increasingly been used in medicine and agriculture. Natural zeolight formation occurs as a result of reaction of volcanic rocks, ash and alkaline ground water. They may also be deposited in shallow marine basins over millions of years. Naturally occurring zeolight is usually highly contaminated by other minerals, metals and other zeolights and is not preferred for industrial use.


The name zeolight also spelt zeolite is derived from two Greek words; ‘zeo’ which means boiling and ‘lithos’ which means stone. This name was coined by a Swedish mineralogist, Axel Fredrik Cronstedt, who observed the mineral extensively and discovered its peculiar property of producing a lot of steam from water absorbed in it upon being heated. It is also called a moleculaur sieve because of its ability to selectively select molecules for absorption. The zeolight ore is mined from China, Korea, the United States, Japan, Jordan, Turkey and Slovakia. This mineral is used domestically for water purification and softening. It is also used in the petrochemical industry, nuclear industry, for heating and refrigeration, in the construction industry and some forms of it have collected as gemstones.


Because of its purification abilities zeolight has been used in the medical field to produce oxygen. Medical technology has taken advantage of its unique properties and come up with ways to make medical grade oxygen. Nitrogen is passed through the mineral and the nitrates are absorbed giving rise to the pure oxygen by product that is then stored in oxygen concentrator systems that are used in hospitals to save thousands of lives everyday.

Zeolight is quickly gaining popularity as a detoxifier. People have become increasingly a conscious about their health and the effect their diets and lifestyles is having on their health thus the rising need to rid their bodies of impurities. Nutritionists have come up with a detoxifier made from this wonder mineral that is said to absorb metals, toxins and free radicals from the body.

Other medical uses of zeolight are to boost the immune system and also as a mineral supplement. The mineral is available in powder form with, a teaspoon being taken daily for 30 days for detoxification. This wonder mineral is being pitted as the next big thing in cancer treatment and nutritional medicine. Cancer is caused by free radicals in the blood stream and if this could be absorbed by zeolite, then the rate of infections and death could reduce drastically. This is still under trial but the initial results filtering in are amazing and we should keep our fingers crossed that medical technology will provide answers and end suffering.

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Medical technology and research into zeolight could be just what we have been waiting for and our savior.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/06/2012
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