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Best university rankings are compiled by several institutes worldwide, the most notable among them being the ones compiled by Forbes and Times Higher Education. These lists are updated annually and take a number of factors into consideration such as the number of foreign students on campus, the variety of courses, faculty strength and the student to teacher ratio. The US obviously boasts of their best universities that make it to the top of the rankings every year, many will be surprised to find that some of their favorite Ivy League colleges don't come close to the top 10 in the lists.

Are Ivy League colleges the best?

Many would assume that Ivy league colleges are the best universities around in the country and for a long time, universities like Harvard, Stanford and Yale have been considered to be the best in the country, but over the past few years, universities such as the University of Chicago and California Institute of Technology have overtaken many of the Ivy league colleges in the rankings. Though many might argue about the number of presidents and politicians the Ivy league colleges have produced, the others have also produced their fair share of Nobel Laureates and CEOs.

Variety of courses available to students

Being in the top means access to a huge number of resources which obviously means a wide variety of courses on offer to the students. Over the past centuries and decades some of these institutes have defined the nature and quality of education that is to be provided in colleges. Some of the best universities specialize in liberal arts while others specialize in technology and science fields but some like Harvard University and Stanford have always excelled in both the sciences and the liberal arts because of their long history in attracting the brightest minds in the world.

Whichever is the best universities students choose, they can be sure that they will have access to the best faculty in the world. Many famous Nobel laureates like Albert Einstein and Amartya Sen have taught in these universities at one point of time or another.


Almost of these universities have their own rich history and traditions, some even date back to the American civil war. These universities have survived two World Wars and the great recession of the last century. Princeton University is one such example, established during the colonial times, it is the alma mater of several notable authors like Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Weiner.

The top institutes are also known for their long term rivalries, especially when it comes to enrolling the top talents whether they are students or faculty. Some of the top 5 universities have long had rivalries between each other which have led to several notable incidents like the lawsuit filed by the Ivy League colleges against the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which only led to an increase in the rivalry between the institutes. Massachusetts Institute of Technology has had a rivalry with Harvard University ever since the two institutes were established as both the two institutes are located practically a stone's throw away from each other in Boston.

The fact remains that these best universities will continue to be landmarks in education for many years to come because of their history in survival and producing the best minds of the world.

By Cryogene Clooney, published at 01/20/2012
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