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The Top 5 Russia Universities For Research

Published at 03/19/2012 10:49:48


The Russian government has always encouraged research at their university levels and has taken a positive approach to qualitative modernization of the education and science sectors. Russia universities are providing ability and support for research to generate knowledge and transfer the technology to their economy. Much work is being done to conduct a vast range of applied researches.

Russia universities are presenting an effective system of training masters and professionals with higher qualifications to upgrade them further with a developed system of programs. The main objective is to offer assistance to a scientific development of the nation with the aid of important human resources.


Russia’s oldest university, the Lomonosow Moscow State University, was established in 1755 and the St.Petersburg State University has been in operation since 1819. Mikhail Lomonosow was one of the intellectual giants of the 18th century. He was a pioneer who was instrumental in the imperial Russia universities taking an active part in developing higher education in the country. For example, the university that he founded ultimately gave rise to about sixty higher educational institutions down the ages.


These are the top 5 Russia universities for research work:

1. Lomonosow Moscow State University – At this university, there are research priorities in sciences and humanities. There are about forty faculties here with sixty thousand students. Among them, there are several thousands of foreign students. Many outstanding Russian scientists work in this university. This features at the top of Russia Universities.

2. St.Petersburg State University – This is a major Russian Center of science, education and culture offering research facilities of world class standard. Many important universities in Asia, America and Europe like the Cambridge University, University of Osaka and Carlton University of Canada have maintained several academic contacts with this university.

3. The Financial University of the Russian Federation – This is considered among the top 5 Russia universities and is one of the oldest institutions preparing researchers, economists and financial lawyers.

4. The National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) – This university was established two decades ago by an ordinance of the Russian Federation government. Over sixteen thousand students are enrolled here and the faculty includes one thousand four hundred professors and researchers.

5. Moscow State Aviation Institute – This institute is also known as the University of Aerospace Technology. It offers instruction and research at the undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels in modern engineering technologies and the construction of various flying vehicles and aerospace systems.

Tips and comments

Last year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Skolkovo Foundation entered into an agreement to create the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. This will be a three year collaboration where the Institute will be developed into a world class graduate research university. It will be one of the most important Russia universities with its educational and research programs.

Russia universities have faced many challenges particularly in the last century with the political and economic situation in the country and they have managed to keep up the high levels of traditional university education by adding new faculties on continuous basis to address promising research areas.



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