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A disease no matter how chronic or acute is still a disease. A disease can change one’s relationship with a loved one. When someone in the family or one of the closest friends gets seriously ill, friends and their entire family can also get affected; most especially the family of the infected person. This type of situation not only impacts emotional factors but also the family members’ physical, mental and financial stability.

Illness is an emotional as well as physical abating experience. It endures harm by threatening one’s sense of well-being, competence and feelings of productivity. Emotional reactions to illness may result in the feeling that life already has lost its meaning.

We often hear from professionals to save up in case of emergencies; like simple sickness, flu, fever, etc. But are we really ready when that time comes and it’s a chronic and terminal diseases book that will hit us? I bet no one could ever be ready for that.

Regardless of one’s stature, may he be the richest or the poorest, there’s no exception when it comes to disease. The only difference is that, the rich have the means to get the most expensive method of treatments and all the support they may need. The poorest of the poor, have nothing and can do nothing but wait for miracles to happen. Dealing with a diseases book for these low-income patients is just as challenging as their illness.

Both the patient and the family must work hand in hand to win this battle. Infected people do not deserve to suffer alone. That’s the main reason why we have family and friends. It’s the responsibility of the family to take care of each other regardless of what the situation is. Patients should not refuse the support and help of the people around them. Family members and friends must be compassionate and understanding towards the patient.

In one person’s entire lifetime he or she may somehow, at some point suffers a diseases book. If you are the patient coping with an illness, bear in mind that:

• You do not define your illness.
Manage your illness otherwise it’ll manage you. Do not be a full time-patient and forget about being a normal human being. Get as much information as to how to rehabilitate and create the healthiest lifestyle there is available for you. Do not set limitations just because you are ill.

• Communication is the key
Speak your heart out. Talk to that one person that you believe will help you in the process of coping with that sickness. If you do not talk about your feelings and how it is affecting you and the people around you, problems will only grow. You do not want pity you need understanding. Get a support system from family or friends.

• Do not lose hope.
It always helps to stay positive. Remember that you are not the only one suffering from that illness. When things look bleak, refer to bullet #2, communication is the key.

Coping with a diseases book emotionally; nowadays, is somewhat easier for both the patient and the family members. This is because, some if not all of the information about what you are going through is readily available in the internet. Online Social support groups are expanding as the general public becomes more comfortable using computer-mediated communication technology. There are support groups that provide mutual aid and self-help for people facing chronic diseases book, life threatening illness and dependency issues. 

By Cryogene Clooney, published at 02/08/2012
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Book: How To Deal With Diseases . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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