Five Types Of Africa Diseases
Diseases Diseases

Five Types Of Africa Diseases

Published at 01/13/2012 13:32:32

Africa And Diseases

 Five Types Of Africa Diseases

Diseases are all over the world. Every country where man would want to live will always be a place where bacteria, viruses, and other harmful organisms are found. Diseases are already part of the world and no place on earth can be safe from them.

Just as every country has its own share of diseases, Africa as well have their own common diseases. But since each country may have their own common diseases which might not be as common to other, Africa too have their own set of common diseases. If you would like to know more about their own common diseases then read on to find more.

Mosquitoes And Diseases

 Five Types Of Africa Diseases

Mosquitoes are known carriers of malaria. There must lots of malaria-carrying mosquitoes in Africa since it is one of the common diseases in that country. This disease is spread by the female mosquito and can be life-threatening. These mosquitoes are known to bite their victims during the night. For this reason people in Africa advice travelers to always have with them their mosquito nets when they sleep to avoid being bitten by these mosquitoes.

The other disease which is of fever type is Dengue. Like malaria, this disease is caused by mosquito bites. But unlike malaria-carrying mosquitoes, the mosquito that carries dengue only bites during the day. So to be on the safe side, always avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes when you are in Africa; you can either get malaria or dengue.

Fever In Africa

 Five Types Of Africa Diseases

In the southern African countries, there are a lot of people reported to have cholera. This type of disease is rampant in places where sanitation is poor and the environment is not properly maintained. Travelers in areas where cholera is common can have themselves vaccinated to prevent getting affected by the disease. Although cholera is one disease that a person wouldn’t want to have, the good thing about it is that it is curable. People can prevent acquiring this type of disease by eating foods that are thoroughly cleaned and cooked.

Fever is also common in Africa but there fever is not like those ordinary fevers. Africa has in its list of common diseases Typhoid and Dengue fevers. Typhoid fever is most common in the rural areas of Africa and their small cities. This disease is known to be caused by contaminated water or food which is why it is always stressed how these should be kept as clean as possible. Another way to prevent this disease is by getting vaccine shots.

There’s another common disease in Africa known as Yellow fever. People in Africa might already have been immune to it but travelers are always advised to get vaccine shots to prevent acquiring it.

Be Clean And Be Shot

For most of the common diseases in Africa, there are treatments available and vaccine shots that people can get to prevent having affected.

But even a person travelling in Africa has already gotten vaccines for these common diseases; it is also advised that they should still be careful. Making sure that the food you eat is properly cleaned and cooked and to avoid mosquito bites are still very helpful for travelers.


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