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Depression mental may leave sufferers in a persistent state of sadness. Some victims of depression mental may overeat and oversleep, while others may not eat enough and display symptoms of insomnia. Persistent feelings of hopelessness and helplessness may accompany severe cases of depression, while minor bouts of depression that last less than two weeks may only feature a feeling of sadness. Depression mental is linked to many other health problems and conditions, including anxiety, insomnia and, in severe cases, depression mental may culminate in suicide. A loss of interest in daily activities, work or school may be indicative of depression. Those suffering from depression mental may have also recently suffered a major loss, such as the death of a loved one, termination from a job, or another dramatic life change. Family members and friends may need to offer emotional assistance as victims of depression undergo treatment.

Step 1

Evaluate external circumstances that may contribute to depression. Have you recently suffered from a major or a minor setback? The end of a romantic relationship, death and other life events can all contribute to depression. Consider what you can possibly do to relieve your depression symptoms. In the event of a break-up, signing up for dating services, going out on dates, or getting involved in a new hobby or interest can elevate mood levels and stave off depression mental. After getting fired from a job, some people may feel their depression mental lessen after sending out applications or searching for new jobs. Taking an active role in fixing an external problem can lessen the impact of depression. More activity in daily life, rather than passively sitting by, can boost feelings of productivity and stave off depression mental.

Step 2

Consider any internal problems that may worsen your depression. Do you suffer from low self-esteem or have an inability to withstand being outside of a romantic relationship? Finding ways to rebuild self-esteem, such as writing in a journal, exercising, losing weight, or eating a more balanced diet can help regulate moods. Several self-help books geared toward improving self-esteem also exist on the market, and sufferers of depression may benefit from self-esteem exercises based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Step 3

Consider contacting a therapist or another medical professional who may be able to help you overcome internal feelings of self-doubt or low self-esteem. These moods may contribute to feelings of depression. A therapist may recommend exercises to rebuild self-esteem, such as encouraging patients to write down a list of their positive attributes.

Step 4

Discuss possible ongoing treatment for depression. While some sufferers of depression may require only short-term therapy or medication, others may need ongoing treatment. Ask your therapist or another mental health professional how often you should attend therapy, and what the ideal outcome of therapy should be for you. A mental health professional may prescribe anti-depressants to ward off chemical imbalances in the brain that can lead to depression.

Step 5

Report any side effects that you may experience from anti-depressants or any other prescription to your mental health professional. Some anti-depressants may be ineffective for patients, while others may worsen depression or cause other undesirable side effects. A mental health professional can change your prescription until you find an anti-depressant that works best with your body.

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