the Most Needed Jobs in Mental Health
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the Most Needed Jobs in Mental Health

Published at 02/07/2012 16:58:59


the Most Needed Jobs in Mental Health

The most important steps in any direction are the ones taken at the start of a journey, therefore it is recommended for anyone interested in taking a long term career decision to “research” the aspects and prospects completely. For people inclined towards psychological/psychiatric sciences, it would suffice to suggest that all jobs in mental health are immensely challenging and full of responsibility. There is no escaping the fact that all health sectors require dedication and a sincere effort on part of the worker interested in pursuing a career in it. Particularly the areas such as Psychiatry need specific skills and a formal training; sometimes one or two year diplomas, or advance degree courses spanning almost four or five years. Jobs in mental health are categorized according to the level of commitment, education, and to the amount of salary.


the Most Needed Jobs in Mental Health

Before our industrialized world, when societies were simpler and more streamlined with the apparent linearity of nature, one man could single handedly replace the whole health sector of our complex modern day states. Population was kept under check by nature itself and diseases had not yet developed under the scrutiny of genius men of medicine. It was a time of generalization. But as civilizations have all collectively evolved socially, technologically, and scientifically; it became a necessity for us to make particular adjustments across the whole board of human endeavors. This happened in all social arenas, including Health, Education, and Government etc. Jobs in Mental Health were created as the number of patients, variety in ailments and progress in life sciences made mental asylums and psych-wards a necessary part of society.


the Most Needed Jobs in Mental Health

The character of a person is the mainstay of a long term successful career in mental health. As the whole therapeutic process of treating mental patients revolves around building Comfort, Care, and Trust; ones personality contributes even more than education in achieving success. Still, good education is must to get a good job in this field. You need different educational qualifications for different jobs because the job profile varies from heading the whole team of doctors to simple everyday chores of orderlies. Salaries are within $40,000 to $200,000 per annum range. Mostly jobs in mental health are paid in accordance of their professional hierarchy.

Tips and comments

For people living in Welfare States such as United Kingdom (UK), New-Zealand, Australia, Canada, US, and other such states, there are many opportunities for people to find jobs in Mental Health facilities; but at the same time, one should be cautious of the employment and career opportunities before investing a great deal in getting relevant education. Apart from aforementioned jobs, there are many other opportunities in Academic and Research fields. Following is a list of companies that can provide people a healthy environment for pursuing their career in mental health field in US and Canada especially:

  1. Georgia Correctional Healthcare Facility
  2. Bayview Centre for Mental Health
  3. Anne Arundel Health Systems
  4. Range Mental Health Centre
  5. Provincial Health Services Authority (BC, Canada)
  6. River Valley Health (Canada)
  7. Prairie North Regional Health Authority (Canada)


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