Types Of Mental Health Disorders
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Types Of Mental Health Disorders

Published at 02/06/2012 11:49:59


Types Of Mental Health Disorders

There has always been a debate and discussion on the physical health of a person and how to maintain it. Science has emphasized more on dealing with the physical diseases and problems encountered by a victim. The diagnosis, medication, treatment, therapies and counseling has been focused to maintain the physical health of a person. However there are other disorders of mental health that are equally important and debatable. These problems of mental health are caused by a number of factors like stress, depression, poverty, financial crisis, deaths and many others. The search and diagnosis of these disorders are considerably increasing with the passage of time and the spread of these diseases.


Types Of Mental Health Disorders

These disorders have long intrigued many psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors that are constantly researching on them. There are also some people who specialize in specific disorders and provide treatment and counseling to them. These types of mental health disorders often require therapies and medication to relax a person mentally. They also consist of pills to induce sleep in a patient who has a sleeping disorders or irregular sleep. Whatever the disorder may be and whatever its causes, it has to be dealt using a professional in this field. The problem should not be ignored at all. In olden times, people with mental disorders were considered insane and no attention was paid in their treatment. This belief should now be corrected and mental disorders should not be replaced with insanity. They do exist like other diseases and aught to be treated with care.


There are several types of mental health disorders that are either the outcome of mental disturbance like stress and pressure or social factors like poverty, unemployment, family crisis, eating problems, etc. The most common among these is the anxiety disorder. This disorder is caused by fear and stress in which the victim is found to be in a constant nervous and anxious state of mind. The mood disorders constitute rapid fluctuations in the moods which are referred to as “mood swings” from being very ecstatic to suddenly start crying. Psychotic disorders include those with thinking impairments. Among these are the hallucinations or delusions that are false images and beliefs and schizophrenia that is the most common psychotic disorder. Then are the eating disorders which include anorexia nervosa that involves loss of appetite due to the false feeling that one is becoming obese. The other is bulimia nervosa in which a person eats excessively and us unaware of where the food is going. The personality disorders accumulate all those issues related to varying personalities with odd behaviors. They include the anti social personality disorder and the obsessive compulsive disorder. There are also the sexual disorders in which a person has abnormally unwanted sexual desires that occur very frequently. These disorders can be a source of harm for the other person too.

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Thus, whatever the type of mental health disorder is, it has to be treated carefully. Therapies, medications, surgeries are involved in the treatment. The diagnosis requires certain experimental skills too.


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