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There are many universities in the United States for a person to choose from. Whatever type of degree program you are pursuing you are sure to find great universities in the US to suit your needs.

Here are a list of the greatest universities in the United States.

Universities In The United States

Brown University, located in Providence, Rhode Island, is considered to be a top notch liberal arts Ivy League school. At Brown students attending have open curriculum and can select their course of studies. Brown University has Phi Beta Kappa and is a member of the Association of American Universities. Brown is a tough university to get into with roughly 9% of applicants being enrolled.Costs for attending universities can be quite high especially at Ivy League schools such as Brown. The cost at Brown will run an individual from $42,230 for tuition and fees, books are $1,312, lodging $10,906, other expenses $1,702, total cost from $56,150. Brown offers financial aid for those who need some financial assistance with tuition. 59% of the students at Brown University are receiving some form of financial aid.

At Brown some popular majors that students take are Economics, Biology, History, Engineering, Human Biology, International Relations, Political Science and Neuroscience.

Columbia University is located in New York with 22,000 students. Two thirds of those students are graduates. Columbia is a chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society and is a member of the Association of American Universities. Columbia has its assets in the liberal arts and science. Columbia University is considered an Ivy League school that is difficult to get into with nearly 10% of applicants admitted.

Columbia University is another costly school with expenses running from $59,208. The tuition and fees are from $45,209, books $1,040 and room and board costs are $11,020. For those that need help with the cost of tuition they can apply for financial aid. Many students up to 60% at Columbia University are receiving financial aid. Many students at Columbia are taking one of the following popular majors: Biology, Biomedical Science, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, English, Nursing, History, Neuroscience, Political Science, Operations Outreach and Psychology.

Harvard University is an Ivy League school located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Of all the universities in the United States, Harvard most generally is either ranked at #1 or #2. Harvard offers its students state of the art facilities, top research and for families with modest incomes free tuition. Harvard has the lowest acceptance rate of universities around at 6%. The total amount of students going to Harvard is 27,594 as of 2010 with 48% being male and 52% being female. The costs for attending Harvard is $56,000 with tuition and fees being $39,851, books $1,000, room and board $12,801, other expenses $2,348. Harvard like other universities offers financial aid for those students in need. The percentage of students receiving financial aid is 82%.

At Harvard the most popular majors are Economics, Biology, History, English, Psychology, Political and Social Science.

Princeton University is another fine Ivy League school that is many times in competition with Harvard for being one of the top ranking universities of the US. Princeton is located in New Jersey and is a member of the Association of American Universities. It is also a chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa. Total enrollment as of 2010 for Princeton is 7,724. 8% of applicants who apply will be accepted into Princeton.

Total expenses for attending Princeton will cost a person $53,934 with tuition and fees $37,865, books $1,200, room and board $12,069, other expenses $2,800.

Tips and comments

While in high school take your studies seriously and aim to raise your grades and have excellent test scores on the ACT and SAT. Challenge yourself and look for classes that will be more demanding. Get involved in other extracuricular activities that you are passionate about. Volunteer your time in your community doing something that you have a true interest in and can commit to. Find opportunities where you can be a leader whether this be class president or an officer in a club you are a member of. Visit the school campus and talk to professors and students there.


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