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Do You Get Best Job If You Study In Top Universities

Published at 07/08/2011 00:09:58

Education is very important not only would it help you increase your chances of getting your dream job but also teach you a thing or two about life. Having a degree also entails meeting new people from different walks of life, establishing a connection and having a lasting relationship with them. A lot of students aspire on entering a top university such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Brown University and so and so forth for them it would help them achieve a better learning experience while studying in a top university and also because of the extra "wow" factor that these universities have. But the real questing is do you really get the best job if you study at a top university?

It is a common misconception for one to think that going into a highly reputable school would guarantee any type of career. A degree simply means that you have a better chance in the field of your career because your educational background shows that you put a bit more effort in educating yourself into that profession. Being in a top university doesn’t assure you of getting hired as soon as you walk into the HR department. While it is true that going into a top university gives you a bit edge among others you also have to think that about others who went to the same college as well.

Holding a degree no matter what have you attended, is considered as a stepping stone only for the competition for those who do not have the degree. There are several factors that the employers would take into consideration such as your work experience. Are you a newbie? Have you been exposed to this type of career before? How well did you perform? Having a good working experience is a must. Your attitude towards work and the ability to handle pressure would also be evaluated. Building a network of people would also increase your chances of getting your dream job. For instance if you have a friend who’s boss is looking for an accountant in a well known accounting firm, your friend can refer you and put a good word for you thus an instant opportunity is created.  You also need to be patient and determined to snag your dream job and if it bothers that you won’t get a job because of your educational background consider this fact: Most of the successful entrepreneurs of our time are college kick outs some of them barely finished high school.

Tips and comments:

Having a degree in a top university does not guarantee anything; it would only give you a bit of an edge over others. Work experience, networking, attitude towards work and determination would seal the deal and if you have all these then you should consider yourself hired!


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