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Top Bachelor Universities With Medical Programs


Earning a university degree from a bachelor universities in medicine is the first step to a good and successful career in the medical industry. As a medical expert, specialist or a physician, there are lots of benefits and opportunities attached to it.

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Thousands of people are considering a degree from bachelor universities in the medical field, irrespective of whether they are fresh out of high school or not. Though, a career in the medical industry is quite challenging, that is why the requirement by many bachelor universities is very high. Although, the returns for acquiring a job in the profession is very rewarding and has a promising future in terms of personal and professional satisfaction. This is why young graduates from high school are in a deep search for top bachelor universities in medical career. More so there are high demands for skilled professionals in this field.

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I will quickly give you a guide on how to find top bachelor universities in the word with medical programs. There are thousands of bachelor universities in the world that offer medical programs for prospective students. Countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, and United States among others has one of the best bachelor universities offering medical programs.

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Australia has very good bachelor universities with medical programs, and they are top rated in the world. Most Australian medical schools confer MB BS degrees on completion of a medical course. The University of Newcastle confers a B Med.

This qualification is equivalent to MBBS; any B Med graduate may practice in any field of Medicine of their own choice, including surgery. In Australia, Doctor of Medicine (MD) is an advanced research degree requiring two years’ full time enrollment, compared to a PhD which requires three years’ full time enrollment.

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Basically, the requirements for a college admission for a medical degree into any bachelor universities are; Biology, Chemistry, Math, English proficiency. Some universities require the completion of a bachelor's degree as a pre-requisite for admission into a medicine programs. Medical courses are offered in some top bachelor universities in Australia. I will list some top bachelor universities that offer medical programs in Australia.

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The University of New South Wales is a world class bachelor university that offers a medical degree to prospective students around the world. The University of Sydney is also a good bachelor university which offers medical courses to students. More so, is the University of New England. This bachelor university offers a medical degree in School of Rural Medicine for prospective student around the world.


These bachelor universities tend to provide top and quality medical education to students who are ready to start a career in the medical industry. The opportunities in the medical and healthcare field are indeed numerous to individuals who are ready to tap into it.

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Numerous opportunities are opened in the medical field for individuals. Because of these opportunities, the lists of medical schools are also increasing in numbers. This is why one need to look for good bachelor university that has a good and quality medical education. The University of Adelaide is also a to bachelor university with a high rank offering medical programs to students.

By Olubunmi Odekunle, published at 03/19/2012
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