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The top universities colleges of the world provide the best research, education and teaching facilities. The top universities colleges belong to the United States of America and United Kingdom. The top universities colleges take the responsibility of producing brilliant individuals, who make their impact all around the world. Five top universities colleges of the world are mentioned below:

Harvard University has always been ranked number one in the list of top universities colleges. It was named after John Harvard in 1636. Harvard University reflects brilliance and excellence in its name. Harvard University is the oldest university in United States of America. Harvard University is best known for Medical, Law and Business departments. In order to apply at Harvard University, you need to gain 2080-2370 in SAT and 31-34 in ACT. The research and education atmosphere grooms the students within themselves. Students have the options of selecting various departments being under graduate. The departments are Anthropology, Music, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Gender and Sexuality, History, Sociology, Economics and Psychology. At PG level, you can apply in the various departments at the Harvard such as; Harvard Business School, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard Graduate Medical School, Harvard Graduate Law School and Harvard School of Public Health. Harvard is among the top universities colleges of the whole world.


Stanford University is the shining excellence and brilliance of higher education among top universities colleges. It is located in California and was established in 1885. Stanford University is well known for its computer science department and has produced computer geniuses over the years. At the UG level, Stanford University offers you BA or Bsc. The different schools which Stanford possesses are School of Humanities and Sciences, School of Earth Sciences and School of Humanities. The estimated cost of study at Stanford is $50,000. The criteria for admissions at Stanford University are evaluation of past teachers and fulfillment of forms.


University of Oxford is British university and was established centuries ago. Oxford University’s popularity is endless due to its research and teaching methodology. Oxford University is also among the world’s top universities colleges. Museums and collections held within Oxford University are surely the master pieces.

Imperial College London is known to be a high quality education providing institute among the top universities colleges. It was established in 1907 and since then, this university and college has made a great name for itself in the field of education institutes. The most famous departments in the Imperial College London are Medical, Science and Engineering.

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University College London is situated in the heart of London City and considered as one of the most excellent educational institute. The research criterion of this university and college has enabled the institution to groom the students from within. UCL has been able to grab the attention of students from all over the world due to its antique library, museum and pure educational atmosphere. University College London is included in the top universities colleges for its ability to groom the students in the best way possible.

Harvard University, Stanford University, Oxford University, Imperial College London and University College London are the top universities colleges all around the globe.


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