5 Most Important Courses Offered In The Illinois Universities
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5 Most Important Courses Offered In The Illinois Universities

Published at 01/22/2012 18:01:05

The Illinois Education System

5 Most Important Courses Offered In The Illinois Universities

With its huge population, Illinois universities has one of the highest GDPs in the US and it’s agricultural and manufacturing industry accounts for almost half of its economy. Universities in the state have maintained a lot of standards gaining accreditation from several well-known institutions and have always maintained good number of students over the years. Due to the recent recession, it's economy took a down turn and many students were apprehensive about their future, students preferred to study in states like California and Pennsylvania because of better job security in these states but with the improvement in the economy, students are enrolling in big numbers into the various institutes around the state again.

One for the Future

5 Most Important Courses Offered In The Illinois Universities

In the past, employment was guaranteed for any student with a college degree. But over the last few decades, students have become more and more competitive in the global economy and choosing the right courses mean a lot. Traditional courses like the liberal arts have decreased in importance whereas the demand for engineering and medical courses has grown over the years.

Top Medical Illinois Universities inlcude Medical colleges such as The University of Chicago and Illinois Wesleyan college of Nursing offer various courses in medical sciences such as nursing, dentistry and medical research in fields like AIDS research, women's health and primary medical care. The Pritzker School of Medicine has been ranked as one of the best medical schools in the country along with the likes of John Hopkins.

Top Illinois Universities include Illinois Institute of Technology, commonly called Illinois Tech offers several popular courses like computer science, architecture, business and law. Architecture is a very important course and many of the big Chicago building was designed by the minds that have graduated from Chicago's big institutes.

Universities in the state also have recorded a high intake in broadcasting and journalism courses over the last few decades. Students can finding much needed practical experience by participating in the various radio and other media stations that these universities operate on campus.

Unconventional Courses

5 Most Important Courses Offered In The Illinois Universities

Places like Chicago have a rich cultural history in the field or arts and culture and many of the Illinois universities have been associated with the people responsible for building and maintaining its history. Courses like theological studies are offered in many of the church run colleges throughout the state; music and fine arts are other important courses to look into as some of the most notable blues musicians and artists have perfected their skills in institutes around Chicago. Some of the most notable artists that graduate from the state's education system include Len Amato, Mark Protosevich and Scott Adsit. These artists graduated in one of the top Illinois Universities.

Final Verdict

With its rich history and culture, Illinois is one of the best places to study and work in. It's institutes have received accreditation from several well-known bodies and compete with the best colleges around the world. There are also a wide variety of extracurricular activities in the colleges that might help them in becoming successful professionals in the future. And who knows you can become one of the scienctist who can find a cure for cancer.


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