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An artist is someone who produces art. Art is something things that people can live without but in the presence of art they feel so much alive. Though it is believed that art is an in born instinct yet becoming an artist definitely requires some sort of training to polish the talent and capabilities of the person. For that purpose numerous arts universities have been set up.

Step 1

Developing arts universities is a very diverse and creative field. For students it is necessary to understand what it requires to have the universities arts. For the purpose of universities arts what a student must have is a personal portfolio.

Step 2

For the purpose of universities arts it is a personal and essential part of any creative applicant’s tool kit and for that producing one is a must but getting it right is another thing altogether. If one is fortunate enough to secure an interview at an arts university, he will be judged largely on the content of his portfolio and how he is able to talk about it.

Step 3

A personal portfolio involves a narrative statement of previous experiences as well as personal, educational and professional goals related to the degree being pursued. The stuff in the portfolio which must be there should be regarding subject’s studied by title, course number, description, dates, grades and transcripts if available, next to that independent study if made, work learning experience, research methods, presentations, internships, future goals and directions.

Step 4

Tutors when looking for the most appropriate and deserving students try to peek into the portfolio for creativity, Enthusiasm along with a natural flair and ability like his ability to develop ideas and his drawing ability, moreover something that shows a real interest in the course, , Practical skills, Research skills, Visual communication skills, etc . The student doesn’t need to bring all of his work rather a good representative collection. Many arts universities will be looking for students who are self-motivated and inquisitive.

Step 5

Then it is most important to make sure that the work is organized, clean and well presented. Repetitions avoided and images clearly sequenced so that each piece of work gets the space it deserves.

Person cannot prepare for the interview as such except for having a slight rehearsal with somebody like a teacher or a friend. This might help to build the confidence and gives an experience to one talking about himself and his work.


Some schools and private companies also offer crash courses to help prepare for the interview at reputed arts universities but there is certainly no certainty that it would actually help and work for a successful interview.


But what is most important of all is that to read the admission criteria laid down by the management of the arts universities very carefully because this would serve as an indication as to what the tutors are looking for among the students. The tutors of the arts universities prefer those who try more to be themselves as it is the student in person whom they have to judge not his cramming.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/15/2012
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