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Published at 02/20/2012 18:23:55


When examining your wardrobe apparel, how many dresses do you have? Many women are unsure of just how many dresses are necessary in their wardrobe; let alone which styles they should have. When it comes to essential apparel pieces, you should have at least one of four different types of dresses to choose from for any occasion. No matter what your taste or age, these four styles will complete your wardrobe easily, never leaving you hanging for something to wear last minute.

4 Essential Dresses You Need

The Little Black Dress

Everyone woman knows that no closet is complete without the little black dress. When it comes to versatile apparel, little black dresses are the most essential to have. Your little black dress should not be too ornate or flashy, simple is the key with this style. You can spice up this dress easily and quickly for a cocktail party or dinner out with friends. The best apparel style for these dresses is something that fits at the waist and flares slightly for a feminine look that is trendy and fashionable.

A Sheath Dress

In dresses apparel, the sheath dress is considered a must-have for fashion conscience women. A sheath dress contours the body without hugging it too tightly, creating a beautiful silhouette. It can be dressed up easily with a jacket, sweater, or a variety accessories. When choosing one, stick with dark colors like black, gray or even navy blue and make sure the length falls to just below the knee.

A Formal Dress

Sometimes an occasion calls for apparel that is a bit refined, and formal dresses fit that bill. Having one in the closet for last minute invitations is a necessity. To make sure your formal dress will work no matter the season or occasion, choose one with a matching jacket and in neutral colors like gray, beige, or taupe. The most flattering apparel styles with formal dresses are sleeveless , which can be worn with or without a jacket to accommodate any time of year.

A Casual Dress

It is always nice to have a lightweight dress to wear during warm weather, especially on dates. Adding one or two casual dresses to your wardrobe apparel makes dressing up easier with little to no fuss. All you need is a pretty cardigan to pair with it and a cute pair of pumps and you are ready to go.

When choosing a casual dress, make sure it is lightweight and has a flattering cut for the body. The most popular apparel styles with casual dresses are shirt dressed that tie or belt at the waist and wrap around dresses.

A casual wrap around dress can flatter your shape even when you are feeling less than feminine. If you have a bit of a belly or are feeling bloated, you can adjust it to fit comfortably, as well as adjust it to show off a slim waist.

A shirtdress can be button down or have no buttons at all, just make sure it is belted at the waist. That give it a more feminine and ladylike look.


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