The Top Designers in Fashion
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The Top Designers in Fashion

Published at 03/26/2012 22:30:36


The Top Designers in Fashion

Fashion designing is an art which makes clothes for a wide range of people and many fashion designers are famous in these fields. The leading names in fashion designing are plenty, but everyone has their own favorites. Fashion is not only what looks good, but it is an individual taste and it speaks volumes about the individuals. Here are some of the fashion designers which belong to the top notch as per my observation and criterion.



Versace is name synonymous with fashion and Donatello Versace is the founder behind this brand of clothes. She had a legacy of fashion from her brother but the fashion statement still continues in her collection and her elegant and sexy designs are the favourite of one and all. She has the built-in capability to design clothes for a broad spectrum of people.

Ralph Lauren is the icon of fashion and his collection speaks volumes about fashion designing. Ready to wear clothes are his forte and he has delved in polo sports and other ready made dresses sections too. His collections are famous throughout the world and he is a fine fashion designer with a taste to match a huge section of the society.

Another fashion designer whose collections are being talked about in the world of fashion is Betsey Johnson. Her designs are funky and loud yet she has developed a niche in the fashion world. The outfits are bold and fun-filled and they speak volumes of the open style of Betsey.

Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana is a well-known name in the world of fashion and has become a common name in the world of fashion. Coined as D & G this name is synonymous with style and cut and every man and woman who know about fashion have some piece of this brand. These Italian fashion designers have carved their niche in fashion. They are one of the best known fashion designers in the world of fashion.

Stella McCartney is herself a new name in the world of fashion. But still everyone in the world of fashion has recognised her name and respects the trends of fashion set by her. With classy styles and cut she has shown her talent in fashion designing which people have started to respect. Being the celebrity child she has grown up being within the circles of fashion which clearly reflects in her collections.



Many new Fashion designers are cropping up in the world of fashion and fast creating their names amongst the best fashion designers. These are some of the top names in the world of fashion designing. Everyone has their own favorites and they select their attires as per their own taste.

Tips and comments

  • Fashion designers are people who patent fashion
  • Every individual has their own favourite Fashion designers
  • The designs and styles of all fashion designers are unique
  • All fashion designers has their unique style

Their are many fashion designers but some are really at the top and have carved a niche in the world of fashion designinng.


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