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How To Buy Baby Shoes

Published at 03/05/2012 01:38:22


A baby's initial shoes are a significant step becuase they indicate that the baby is no longer crawling on the floor. Instead, they are learning to walk in an upright position. A lot of parents wait for this particular stage in their baby's life because it signifies their baby is becoming older and growing. It can be a bit disturbing when you buy baby’s shoes for the first time because the market has many baby shoes, but you desire baby’s comfort when they learn to walk. This article shows a few steps to make the shopping experience simple when buying baby's first shoes.

Step 1

The first step to consider when you buy a baby’s shoes is that you need shoes that are soft and flexible. The shoe should be more for protection against uneven parts of ground level than it is for holding up the baby. A shoe which has too much support can obstruct how the baby walks. The baby shoes should be non-slip, that is, they should enable the baby to stroll on any ground without fear of falling.

Step 2

Always ensure that a baby's shoe has enough room for the feet to breathe. A parent should examine with the pinky finger that there is enough space between the heel and shoe. By using the thumb, ensure that the shoe extends half way down the thumb that is about half an inch, or just a little less. Also ensure that the shoes are not so loose that they detach from the feet as baby walks.

Step 3

The next step when considering how to buy baby’s shoes is whether to decide on laces, Velcro, or the trendy slip on. Normally, if you discover a shoe that is comfortable and soft for a baby, it will not concern you whether the shoes consist of laces, Velcro or are slip-on. Nevertheless, if it’s a concern, bear in mind that laces will have to be tied often, hence it could become more of an annoyance.

Step 4

Think about your baby’s preferences, but do not submit to the entire burden. For instance, a child may feel affection for a cartoon character at a certain period, but in five months the child may refuse to wear the shoes again. The same viewpoint should be useful to choose preferred colors or styles for a child. Consider selecting two brands of shoes that you love and then allowing your child to make the final decision as he or she grows up.

Step 5

Finally, consider cost versus quality when you want to know how to buy baby’s shoes. This is because a baby's foot grows rapidly; hence, it makes more sense to buy inexpensive shoes that wear out faster. The baby will outgrow them afterwards.


  • Feet swell aduring the daytime so, shop for a baby’s shoes during the day.
  • One foot is normally bigger than the other. Therefore, the bigger foot should determine the size of the shoe, but not the smaller one.
  • To prevent discomfort and smelly shoes, buy shoes made of canvas or leather.
  • It is essential for a baby’s shoes to contain some type of closure, whether it is laces, Velcro or anything else. Slip-on shoes regularly give little to no support and can separate from the legs during activity.
  • Shoes with flexible, rough soles will assist a baby to balance on unstable ground and will not hinder physical activity.

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