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How To Apply At a Fashion College


Determine which fashion college you would like to go to and review their admission requirements. Most of them simply ask for a high school diploma, transcripts, and a portfolio of your previous work. They may also request an application fee that will help them to process your data.

Step 1

A lot of institutions have a website in which the potential student can visit and complete an online application form. This form should be filled completely and truthfully in order to make sure that the admissions board has everything they need in order to evaluate whether you are the right fit for their institution.

Step 2

After completing the application form to the fashion college of your choice, you will submit it and within a few days you may get a letter through e-mail confirming receipt of the application as well as advising you on what you should do from there.

Step 3

The fashion college may also request for supporting documentation such as your portfolio that will be able to demonstrate your passion for fashion as well as your viewpoint and your personal style. Remember, you should only submit your portfolio after you have been requested to do so.

Step 4

You may also need transcripts from the high school you attended when applying for admission to a fashion college. One may also be required to sit for a standardized test which will help the board to determine the academic standing of the particular person in a common examination.

Step 5

After the applications have been evaluated, people will be shortlisted and they may be called for an interview. Some institutions even provide applicants with an exam in which they are supposed to give answers on the latest news in fashion in order to determine whether they are updated on what is happening in the fashion world.

After this the fashion college may sit down and decide which students should be admitted based on their academic qualifications as well as the talent on their portfolio. 


There is a fashion college in almost every country in the world, but the rules for gaining acceptance are generally the same regardless of where you apply. All these institutions realize that people need to have knowledge in various academic subjects in able to survive in a college setting.

They also realize that design is much more than books, and that it involves talents, and this is what is determined when they request for the applicants portfolio. By interviewing them, or asking them to sit for an examination, the admission team of the fashion college are able to rank the applicant with the other applicants in order to determine whether they will accept their application or not.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/16/2012
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