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How To Get Salon Hair At Home

Published at 02/22/2012 22:44:52


You don't have to go to the salon to get salon hair. Instead, try saving yourself a few bucks and learn some methods on how to get gorgeous salon looking hair right in the privacy of your own home. Many people will argue that in order to have great hair, you need a professional. That is just not the case anymore, with so many products and techniques available to us; you can definitely get salon hair by doing it yourself.

Step 1

Use high-quality shampoo and conditioner for gorgeous salon hair. It's true what they say, we get what we pay for. If you use cheaper conditioners and shampoos, then at times, your hair may fall flat and look dull. You only need a dime sized drop of shampoo as well as a drop sized drop of conditioner to look as if you've come right out of the salon. Make sure to slather both on, paying close attention to the ends of your hair. After you've lathered in your shampoo, rinse it out completely and apply conditioner. Let the conditioner sit for about three minutes and rinse out as directed.

Step 2

Section out your hair.

In order to recreate salon hair, you will want to part your hair from ear to ear, to create even sections. This process will assist you when it comes to blowing drying out your hair. Twist each section of hair into either pony tails or mini buns and securely place a clip on the sections.

Step 3

Blow dry your hair.

Once you've completed sectioning out your hair, use a light blow dryer and undo one section of hair at a time. Once you undo one section, blow it out and use a round brush to help with volume. You will want to brush from the roots down. To avoid burning your scalp, try not to let the blow dryer spend too much time in one area, instead move the blow dryer around in small circles.

Step 4

To achieve gorgeous salon hair at home, bring out the rollers! The best types of rollers are Velcro rollers as they do not cause damage to the hair. Separate your blow dried hair into pieces once again and tightly secure Velcro rollers around the pieces of hair. Once all of your hair is in rollers, apply some hair spray and let the rollers with hair spray sit for about thirty minutes.

Step 5

The last step to achieving salon hair at home is to take the rollers completely out. Remember though, you must be gentle when doing this as hard movements can cause your hair to snag on the rollers or can cause your hair to get tangled on the rollers. Gently remove the hair rollers and spray a bit more of the hairspray around your gorgeous at home salon hair. Lastly, style your hair to your preference. You now should look like you stepped right out of the salon.


In order to maintain beautiful at home salon hair, try not to over do it with heating irons and blow dryers. These beauty accessories can cause long term damage to your beautiful locks by frying them and causing split ends. Also, always remember not to over wash hair as our hair needs some of the oils it naturally produces. If you wash your hair too often, it can cause it to be dull and boring.


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