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How To Train To Become a Hair Stylist


It's every female's dream to be able to style hair. Almost every little girl received a doll if it's even for christmas and it's always a pleasure to comb the doll's hair and pretend that one is a hair stylist or cosmetologist.  A hair stylist is ranked as the no 1 job. Some people are liscensed hair stylist and some are not. 

Step 1

To become a liscense hair stylist one would have to first enrolled in a technical school community college that is offering the cosmetologist course. You must have GED or a high school diploma, Age varies depending on the State that you are in. Hair stylist is classified as a trade. After learning the trade and passing the final test you will be given certification. T

Step 2

The school that you enroll in will have to be State approved, There is a placement test that will be given at first and the prospective student will have to pay an application fee. To become a stylist for hair you would have to complete several courses, which includes, building a clientele, salon management, production sales, business practices, health department regulations, sanitation and hygiene, the use and care of of instrument like blow dryer and flat irons.

Step 3

It is required that you do an on the job training before taking the final exam. Some school charge between $6,500-$10,000 for completing the hair stylist course. Some schools offer financial help, ensure that the school that you choose is an accredited school. Some schools will give you supplies to work with, like scissors, model head, comb, brush, rollers, cape and text books. There are several types of hair stylist, some specialize in styling kids hair, some with both men and women. Everyone has their own styling technique.

Step 4

Getting a job as a hair sttylist can be very competitive especially for students who have just been graduated. It takes lot of years of practice to have a large clientele. A hair stylist wil have to spread the word around in order to get customers, print flyers and buisness cards. Advertise on facebook, twitter, the daily newspaper or on the internet.

Step 5

The more qualified you are the easy it will be to get customers, because you will be doing a good job styling hair and one customer will tell another. Some hair stylist are color specialist, while some prefer to do african american hair. Others specialize in doing extentions.


The job of a hair stylist is not an easy one, if a customer request her hair to be cut in layers, then that's what she will be expecting. If the stylist make a wrong cut, then that customer is going to be very angry, that customer isn't going to pay and will never speak good about that stylist and quite possibly could file a lawsuit. Hence it is imperative that hair stylist take their job very seriously. 

Sources and Citations

An hair stylist has to be on his or her feet most of the time and must be able to interact well with the clients, even if they are rude.

By Charm Treleven, published at 02/27/2012
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