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Hair Styling in the Beauty Industry

Published at 02/24/2012 19:08:01

Hair styles can get you on the cover page of a magazine or to the page displaying the ultimate fashion faux pas in the beauty industry. Hair beauty is thus the desirable feature that matches your face shape, complexion, hair texture and density and complements your makeup to bring out the best look you can carry. However, to achieve this hair beauty, you will have to splurge on some cheddar at those plush salons with talented hair stylists creating magic with their scissors. Hair styling includes different haircuts, hair color and hair accessories.


Hair cuts for her

In order to camouflage your facial flaws, you don’t have to rely on makeup brands anymore. Instead hair beauty can be your new best friend. All you need to do is figure out the best haircut for yourself. Just like Cinderella had herself been beautified by her fairy godmother, hair styling would serve as that magic wand, for that perfect look in the beauty industry.

• For a moon faced woman, your best bet would be in hair beauty long layers that reach up to the chin or a few inches below. Short fringes on the forehead, playing with your earlobes and some gentle waves would cut down on the roundness of the face. You can always go for extensions in case of emergency.

• Square faced ladies, may opt for long wavy hairstyles, with the curtain effect like Megan Fox or soft layered bobs like Keira Knightley to accentuate the edgy, angular jaw line.

• Oval faces are considered the blessed for hair beauty. You can go for long layers hitting at your cheekbones like Jennifer Aniston, super short flat ironed like Rihanna; brow skimming bangs or the famous pixie cut like Halle Berry. Don’t be dated, you are meant to experiment with hair beauty.

• Girls with long faces, never go for long hair as it will drag your face down further. Victoria Beckham’s gorgeous cut with long bangs in the front and short at the back was a rage with long faced women.

Hair cuts for him

Today, it’s a myth that men don’t go for hair beauty. In fact, it’s all about looking good. Short masculine haircuts, which have created in the beauty industry for men, range through military haircuts to buzz cuts to flat tops to fades. And actually, with the right amount of attitude, one can also sport a full shaved look. Furthermore, one could opt for the Pierce Brosnan look with the classic taper, along with the modern texture. The complex man’s hair beauty look includes the shag, faux hawk, spikes and of course, the pompadours like Elvis.

Hair color:

Hair beauty color depends on the complexion and texture. Women can turn heads in streaks, bright dyes, washes of pastels and dip-dye looks. While men, on the other hand, can opt for safer hair beauty colors like burgundy, browns and platinum blonde.

Hair adjuncts:

Tiaras, synthetic hair scrunches. Barrette, and feathers are some of the exclusive ornaments apart from banana clips and claws. So whether you have a good hair day or a bad one, hair styling is the watchword to make you or break you.


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