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The Beauty Of Hair

Published at 02/26/2012 05:07:37


No feature on a woman's body has been transformed more than hair. From the perm, to the bob, the afro, to the humble ponytail, hair has gone through a timeline of diverse hairstyles and stages.

The bob: This short, striking hairstyle first come to prominence in the year 1920.This beauty statement was first viewed as quite shocking with its unfeminine length and style, but it quickly gained popularity through famous women highlighting the look such as writerZelda Fitzgerald. This beauty statement was seen as the epitome of the roaring twenties and was a prominent hair fixture in most of the western world.

The pixie: This hair beauty style was made famous by the beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn in the 1950's. She wore this short, layered hairstyle in a few of her movies such as Roman holiday, this caused it to be a popular hairstyle for women in the fifties.

Beehive: This hairstyle gets its name from its resemble as a actual beehive, though it also goes by the name B-52. It was created by stylist Margaret Vinci Heldt in 1960 andwas achieved by women by applying quantitative amounts of hairspray to the hair to make it extremely voluminous. This beauty hairstyle was performed in the 21st century by the late Amy Winehouse.

The flip: A popular hair beauty style of the 1960s, it was achieved via flipping the ends of the hair outwards.

Dredlocks: Even though this hairstyle actually dates back to ancient Egypt, the dredlocks gained western popularity in the 1970s. This was largely due to reggae music becoming popular through the work of singer Bob Marley. Dreds are tightly rolled pieces of hair from the scalp to the tips.

Feathered flip. The feathered flip was the aspiration of countless women of the seventies, as it was popularised by the beautiful actress Farah Fawcett. The hairstyle is achieved by flipping your hair upside down, raking your fingers through it to create a teased look. This is all volumed and secured with the aid of hairspray.

The perm: With innovative new styling treatments come big and wacky hair, the perm is possibly the best representation of this obsession with big hair. In similar appearance to a poodles coat, the perm become a hairstyle that is parallel to the decade of the eighties.

The side ponytail: Another popular hair beauty statement of the eighties, it was achieved by doing a ponytail but to the side rather than out the back. This look was mainly carried out by young girls as it was quite a cute fun look.

So with diverse hairstyles in the past, what's in store for the present? Gaining popularity at the moment is a variety of updos such as the a retro faux bun, piled up and pinned back hair, and double french twists. Afros, braids, and dredlocks are also back in style among African Americans.


If you wish to get any of these above hairstyles, there are numerous tutorials and guides on the Internet to aid in this quest. If you would rather take the professional route, then be sure to ask your hairdresser and they may be able to help you with one of these hairdos.


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