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The Most Effective Tips on Improving Hair Health

Published at 03/02/2012 03:30:30


While many people spend a lot of time making sure they eat healthy, exercise right, and just live a healthy lifestyle in general, they are ignoring the health of their hair. Eating a healthy diet is necessary for healthy hair, but there are other everyday factors that can damage and even ruin hair if ignored. Keeping your hair in top condition or improving the health of hair that is limp and lifeless is easier than you think. Implementing a few tips and tricks into your everyday life can show results quickly.

Step 1

Shower before and after using a pool.

Chlorine is the number one cause of health damage in hair during the summer and warmer months. Hours spent in a pool can be murder on the health of hair. Showering before getting into the water will expand hair cuticles, lessening the risk of damage from chlorine. Showering after you get out will rinse away chlorine, so it does not continue to try to damage your hair long after you are out of the water.


Step 2

Massage your scalp.

One of the best things you can do for the health of your hair is to give yourself a daily scalp massage. This can be done in the morning, before bed, or while shampooing your hair. Massaging the scalp helps blood circulation and promotes healthy growth of hair.

Step 3

Do not over shampoo.

Everyone has different hair, while some may need to shampoo theirs every day, most people only need to wash hair twice a week. When you wash your hair too much, it strips it of its natural oils, and those oils are important for hair health.

When washing your hair, do it gently with the right shampoo. Rinsing should be done in cool water, if possible, rinse with apple cider vinegar to ensure all soap is out of the hair and as an extra bonus, it makes hair shiny.

Step 4

Condition hair after every wash.

Conditioning your hair is another one of the best things you can do for its health. The right shampoo will only do so much; you need to finish the job by making sure you use a conditioner. Conditioners are made to protect your hair and help correct some problems, but they are also great for helping to manage your hair and make it look healthy and shiny.

If you are worried about all the chemicals found in many conditioners, you can make your own. Mayonnaise, condensed milk, and olive oil are all favorite and popular choices, making hair soft and shiny.

Step 5

Let hair dry naturally.

The worst thing you can do for the health of your hair is to apply unnecessary heat to it. Heat damages and dries the hair out quickly, especially when it is done on a daily basis. Let your hair dry naturally as often as possible. If you must blow dry it, only do so until it is almost dry. Never dry your hair until it is bone dry unless you do not care about its health.


For extra protection, comb conditioner through the hair before getting into a pool.

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