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Tips To Grow Your Hair Healthy And Strong

Published at 03/07/2012 23:03:01


Everyone wants their hair to be strong and healthy, shining and beautiful. Here are some tips to help you grow your hair well.

Step 1

Massage your scalp if you want your hair to grow well. You can do this with or without oil. This process increases circulation throughout your scalp and the oil will help treat a dry scalp as well.

Brush your hair before going to bed, or before you wash them (the latter option is better if you have curly hair, as curly hair tend to get entangled soon).This will help your hair grow healthy by dislodging dirt and other particles and also serves as a gentle massage for the scalp.

Choose the right shampoo for your hair – there is no dearth of shampoos for every kind of hair, whether dry or oily, coloured, frizzy etc. It cannot be said how often you should shampoo to let your hair grow well. Ideally, it should be when you think they are oily or dirty. Washing them too often will not help – it will only rob your hair and scalp of the natural oils it needs to stay looking shiny and good.

The importance of conditioning should not be underestimated, if you want your hair to grow strong and soft. Every time your hair is wet, use conditioner. This helps lock in moisture and gives your hair a tamer, sleek look, leading to less trouble when they are dry. Conditioning is especially important if your hair is prone to breaking or is weak.

Once you are done with shampooing and conditioning, make sure you rinse your hair very well. Residue of shampoos and conditioners will make your hair grimy and lank. Of course, you can use a leave-in conditioner, but you need to follow directions specified for that.

Dry your hair well after you wash them, but do not leave on the towel on your hair for too long if you want your hair to grow properly and let in the moisture. This will ensure they remain healthy, moisturized and lustrous. Also, try to dry your hair naturally when you are not in a hurry.

After you wash your hair, do not let comb or brush them straight away if you want that your hair grow well and do not become brittle. It is a fact that hair can stretch a lot when damp, and if you comb them when they are wet, they will be stretched too long and might snap. It is also a good practice to use a wide-toothed comb when brushing your hair, as this minimizes breaking of hair just in case it is entangled.


Just like the rest of your body, if you want your hair to grow the healthy way, you need to drink plenty of water and other fluids, especially during the summers. The need for a healthy, balanced diet has to be emphasized upon – eat seasonal fruit, vegetables. Leading a healthy lifestyle will rest and sufficient sleep will bring in good results for your hair.


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