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How To Make My Brown Hair Black

Published at 02/24/2012 03:42:15


It can be difficult to make your hair turn out the ideal shade of black you're looking for, even if you're dyeing it from brown. There are several shades of black hair dye on the market, from soft black to blue black, that it can be confusing to decide which color to make your hair. Instead of scouring the Internet for hours looking for the best shade of black that's right for your age and skin tone, use this simple guide to make your hair turn out perfectly.

Step 1

Start by finding the ideal shade of black hair that will make your facial features and tone stand out. For instance, if you have fair skin, choose a shade of softer black that won't wash out your already pale complexion. People with medium or darker skin tones can pull off almost any shade of black, but they should pay attention while searching the hair color aisle at the local drug or beauty supply stores. Some shades of blue black can give a person a cartoonish, Halloween-inspired look. Unless you're looking for something outrageous, stick to a shade of black that looks natural.

Step 2

Now that you've found the perfect shade of dye to make your hair look beautifully black, it's time to prep your sink and scalp. Skip the daily shampooing to prevent washing away your hair's natural oils, which protects the scalp during the dyeing process. Pay attention that you brush out your hair well before dyeing, as the tangles can hamper the finished product. Slip on a pair of rubber gloves and an unwanted long sleeved shirt before mixing the black hair dye, which generally involves mixing two ingredients.

Step 3

Place a line of petroleum jelly just below your hairline. This ensures the black hair dye doesn't stain your skin, which is common because the product is so dark. Starting at the roots, apply the black hair dye in one to two inch sections until your hair is completely covered. Allow the product to remain according to the package directions to make your ideal black hair dreams come true.

Step 4

Once the product has set according to the package directions, which is generally anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, begin to rinse out your hair with lukewarm water. Pay attention during this stage and wash your hair in a bathtub, if possible, as the black hair dye will make a huge mess. Continue to rinse out the black dye until the water begins to run clear.

Step 5

Once the black hair dye is completely removed it's time to make your hair silky and smooth with the provided conditioner. Read the conditioner's label before applying to your hair, as some manufacturers don't intend for you to use the entire product at once. Apply a heavy layer of the conditioner, concentrating the product on your ends, and allow it to remain for at least two to three minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove the conditioning treatment and to make sure any remaining dye is also removed.


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