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How To Trim Facial Hair

Published at 03/05/2012 14:38:19


When it comes to facial hair, the right trim makes all the difference. Men know that facial hair needs trimming if they want it to look good, and that requires not only the right tools, but also the right technique. Here is a simple look at the proper ways to trim not only mustaches and beards, but how to keep nose hairs at bay.

Step 1


Not every man can pull off a mustache, in order to do so they must keep the facial hair trimmed and neat.

  • Comb the mustache facial hair straight down so the hairs are all going the same direction.
  • If using scissors, trim upward in slow, short snips with a very light pressure on the scissors
  • If using a trimmer, work in a downward motion.
  • Make sure the mustache is the same length the whole way across as well as the same thickness.

Step 2


A goatee is a popular look today, but this type of facial hair needs special attention.

  • Start by deciding what shape you want your goatee, will you have a rectangular shape or a circular shape.
  • Trim the edges to get the shape that you want with haircutting scissors, using slow, short cuts.
  • Clean up the hairs around the lips for a clean look with the scissors.
  • Use a goatee trimmer to thin the thickness if you do not want it too thick.

Step 3


A beard can be the easiest or the hardest thing to trim, depending on what type of facial hair look you want.

  • Start by combing the beard in the direction of facial hair growth.
  • Using a razor or a trimmer, outline the shape of the beard on the face.
  • Determine how long you want the beard and trim it in the direction of hair growth.
  • Under the chin, follow the contours of the face and chin, and trim upward, towards the ear.
  • At the top of the beard, trim in a downward manner starting at one ear and working over to the next.
  • Clean up around the lips for a clean look.

Step 4


In general, men do not need to tweeze the facial hair at the brows; they just need to trim the stray hairs.

  • Use a trimmer, taking very light and short strokes over them to pick up any long hairs.
  • If you do not have a trimmer, use short haircutting shears and carefully trim stray long hairs.

Step 5

Nose hairs

To keep your nose hairs at bay, you can purchase a special nose hair trimmer or use small haircutting scissors.

  • Starting at the inside edge of the nose, take short upward strokes with a trimmer to get rid of long nose hairs.
  • With haircutting scissors, carefully and slowly trim all long hairs that stick out of the nostrils. Then using small upward strokes, carefully trim upwards with a very light touch.


When taking care of your facial hair, the right tools come in handy. Invest in a nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmer for an all in one trimmer.

If you enjoy a beard, goatee or mustache, purchase a trimmer especially made for those jobs.

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