How To Remove Facial Hair
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How To Remove Facial Hair

Published at 03/06/2012 18:44:36


How To Remove Facial Hair

Unwanted facial hair is something that drives any woman crazy from those small moustache hairs that appear on the top of the lip to eyebrows that can’t be shaped and seem to go astray. There’s even hair growing on the side of the face where it looks unsightly.

Step 1

Shaving facial hair is not really a viable method of removing hair. It will come back in a few days and will even be longer than before. In addition, shaving the face is not the same as taking off hair on the body. The face is more sensitive than the body and in addition, shaving facial hair will just encourage it to come back sooner than you expect.

Step 2

At present, electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method of removing facial hair and body hair. Electrolysis is the process of removing hair permanently using a probe that is inserted in the skin. The hair is then removed by tweezers. Since the root of the hair is removed, the process is permanent. Contrary to notions that electrolysis is painful, it is not more discomforting than plucking your eyebrows because a topical anesthesia can be used on the patient. Electrolysis devices using electricity are also sold. Note that it is not advisable to use these gadgets to remove facial hair especially if you have no specific training on electrolysis.

Step 3

Another technique to remove facial hair is waxing, a method used by beauty saloons and spas. There is a lot of hair wax kits sold in drug and cosmetics stores that you can try out. However, these products can cause irritation on the skin such as redness and swelling. Be sure to test the products first on a small patch on your arm to see how your skin reacts to the ingredients on the product.

Step 4

Using depilatories or hair removal creams is another method of getting rid of facial hair. The cream is applied on the area where hair is to be removed where alkaline chemicals used in the product break down or dissolve the hair. The excess hair is then wiped out with a tissue or soft cloth. Like waxing, there are also harsh ingredients used on depilatory creams. Negative reactions to the product are common while there are others who get along well with certain brand names. However, when you feel any unwanted effects, discontinue using the products and rinse the affected area with clear water. Stop using the cream immediately when you feel a stinging sensation, redness or swelling.

Step 5

Threading is also another way to remove facial hair. It is usually done in beauty saloons and treatment centers to remove hair and shape eyebrows using a fine thread that is wrapped around the hair to pull it out. It is quite safe and harmless, although difficult and time consuming to do it yourself.


How To Remove Facial Hair

Make a habit of reading labels on products that remove facial hair to check if there are familiar ingredients that you are allergic to. In addition, check feedback from friends who used the products already to compare their experiences.

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