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How To Style Mens Hair

Published at 03/23/2012 20:16:47


When it comes to hair, men and women are equally interested in this topic. It is true that men's hair has fewer options to be styled, but it doesn't stop them to show it off. A nice hairstyle boosts their self-esteem and has an impact on their overall image. Moreover, how they have their hair gives the others a clue about their personality, social status and lifestyle.

The living proof of the importance of  men's hair in ones appearance is David Beckham. His numerous hairstyles made him more famous than his football performances. He tried and experimented with every hair cut and every hair length that a men's hair can handle. He is an inspiration for many men that want to improve their image and success through the hairstyle.

Step 1

Styling men's hair begins with going to the hair stylist. A good advice before visiting to hairdresser is to make some researches, read some reviews to make up your mind on a haircut. The things to remember, before the scissors get into your hair, are: the haircut should fit your lifestyle and profession, it should be suitable for your facial features and also it should suit every occasion.

Step 2

A good idea is to pay attention to the way your hairdresser styles your hair because you will have to reproduce it. Ask him to show you if there are other ways to dress that haircut. Then, ask him what products you should use. Depending on the length, the thickness of your hair and on the hairstyle you are trying to achieve, you can choose between gel, mousse, pomade and Hairspray.

Step 3

Mousse is ideal for those who want to look natural. Unless you apply they apply it on the wet hair, it is hard to notice when men's hair is dressed with the mouse. This product is great for long hair as well.

Step 4

Gel is a product with a sticky consistency. It is great for men's hair who have rebellious hair like some long curls which are hard to dress. After application, the hair can be either let alone to dry or men can use a hair dryer if they want the hairstyle to resist all day.

Pomade is similar with an ointment or a cream which makes men's hair to look very natural while sustaining very well a messy hairstyle directed to all parts. It is applied on the dry hair. A good tip for men's hair is to apply first a small quantity on the men's hair because otherwise they risk having an oily hairstyle.

Step 5

Finally, hairspray is added usually for sustaining the hair already dressed with the products mentioned above, but it is not excluded to use it alone for giving the men's hair a shape. Hairsprays might contain sun protection ingredients and also might give the hair a shiny aspect.

Tips and comments

All this said, men's hair plays an important role in the way the other perceive them, so there is no wonder if they go to renamed hair stylists and use a lot of products to maintain and dress their hair.

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